The 7 Best E&O Insurance Providers

Every agent needs errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. It offers protection from incurring costs due to accusations of inadequate work, negligent actions, and failure to provide the expected service. It will cover your defense and settlement costs and the time required to respond to a claim as well as the potential damage to your company’s brand and reputation.

Picking the right provider is important  – you should find one with reasonable rates, reliable service, and a good industry reputation. We’ve reviewed the top E&O providers based on these factors – check out the analysis below to make the right choice.

The 7 Best E&O Insurance Providers

Best Overall: Comparion

Top Features: Launched by Liberty Mutual, one of the largest and most trusted carriers in the nation

Comparion is a digital insurance agency launched by Liberty Mutual. The company offers home, life, auto and pet insurance as well as commercial policies for small businesses. They provide the ultimate in flexibility and choice and can connect you with insurance options from Liberty Mutual and other providers if necessary. They will help you find a plan that’s best suited to your needs. 

The company was developed to provide clients with expert advice and advanced choices by moving its exclusive agent operation to an agency model. It offers an extensive product suite to help clients reach their financial goals. You can get a quote online or opt to speak to an agent.

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Comparion Pros
  • Option to get a quote online or speak to an agent
  • Access to Liberty Mutual products and products by other providers
  • Flexible
  • Good security policy
Comparion Cons
  • Although they offer commercial insurance, the focus is on personal insurance

Most Reputable: Lloyds

Top Features: Strong name recognition, great reviews

Lloyds is an insurance and reinsurance market in London. It is a non-admitted carrier in 48 states and an admitted carrier in Illinois and Kentucky. It offers almost every type of business insurance except for life insurance, worker’s comp, and financial guarantees. 

The company was established in 1686. It quickly became a popular provider choice for merchants, sailors and ship owners. It now serves as a corporate umbrella under which syndicates write new properties.  

Lloyds is not technically an insurance provider. Rather, they act as an intermediary between clients and insurance brokerages. They decide which risks to cover on a case by case basis.

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Lloyds Pros
  • Been in business a long time
  • High financial strength rating
  • A rating from A.M. Best
Lloyds Cons
  • Because Lloyds is an intermediary company, they rarely interact with clients. If you have any questions, you will need to contact the insurance provider directly
  • Because of the company’s status, there is no guarantee that claims can be paid if it becomes insolvent
  • If policyholders feel their claim wasn’t handled fairly, they won’t be able to appeal to the state insurance department

Best Options: Nationwide

Top Features: Has an easy-to-use app

Nationwide is an American insurance provider and Fortune 500 established in Columbus, Ohio in 1926. It is known for being one of the largest and most diversified financial service organizations in the U.S. It provides a full range of products including auto, life, homeowners, business, pet, boat, motorcycle, and farm insurance, retirement plans, annuities, mutual funds, specialty and surety, and excess and surplus. 

In addition to getting service online, clients can also access Nationwide’s app. They can pay bills, and access policy documents and ID cards through the app. They provide quotes directly through their website. 

Nationwide has helped over half a million businesses find the policies that are right for them.

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Nationwide Pros
  • Full range of products
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • You can get a quote online
Nationwide Cons
  • Expensive

Best Reviews: The Hartford

Top Features: Focus on diversity, sustainability and supporting communities

The Hartford was established in 1810 as a fire insurance company. They branched out when they wrote their first insurance for an institute for higher learning for Yale University. They even wrote a policy for Abraham Lincoln’s home. 

The company prides itself for its exceptional leadership. Its staff offers transparency, innovation, and integrity. They continually explore new opportunities for their clients. 

Hartford focuses on sustainability, diversity, and supporting their communities. They adapt to environmental needs. They built a workforce that welcomes all cultures and ideas. They provide resources that empower communities. 

The provider offers a variety of personal and business insurance with a focus on a variety of industries including real estate.

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The Hartford Pros
  • Received A + scores from the BBB and A.M. Best
  • Specializes in various types of business insurance
  • Has a policy of transparency
The Hartford Cons
  • Expensive
  • Offers discounts that are not available to all clients

Premium Option: Chubb Insurance

Top Features: Pays claims quickly and promptly

Chubb Insurance was founded in 1882 and claims to be the leading commercial lines insurer in the U.S. The company operates in over 54 companies and territories. They provide a wide variety of services including property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance. 

It’s status as an underwriter provides the company with insight to assume and manage risks efficiently. They pay claims fairly and promptly. They work with businesses of all sizes. 

Chubb has over $200 billion in assets and reported $46.8 billion in gross premiums in 2021. It received an AA financial strength rating from Standard & Poor’s and a A++ from A.M. Best.

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Chubb Insurance Pros
  • Offers a variety of products
  • Underwriter status provides significant insight
  • High ratings from Standard’s Poor and A.M. best
Chubb Insurance Cons
  • Expensive- Chubb’s is known for being a premium company providing premium insurance

Best Deal: Hiscox

Top Features: Offers a wide range of services

Hiscox specializes in small business insurance. They claim to be America’s #1 small business insurer. They offer customized policies, fast quotes, instant coverage and quick claims. They were established in 1901 offering several years of service in the business. 

Clients can get a quote online in minutes or they can call an agent. For E & O insurance, realtors can view quote examples to get an understanding of errors and omissions coverage costs. You can see how costs are based on revenue, limits and deductibles. 

You can also save money on your Hiscoxx E & O insurance by: 

  • Employing good risk management procedures
  • Choosing a higher deductible which allows you to take more of a risk
  • Purchasing more than one product to qualify for a 5% rate reduction

Hiscox has over 3000 employees in more than 14 countries. They have over 500,000 small business customers. They are dedicated to their values of courage, humanity, integrity, ownership and connectedness.

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Hiscox Pros
  • Offers discounts for E & O coverage
  • Transparent quote policy
  • Works in several countries
  • Has a good client base
Hiscox Cons
  • Specializes in small companies- typically will only work with companies with 10 employees or less
  • No coverage in Alaska
  • You might not be able to buy all the coverage you need from Hiscox. Beyond core insurance products, they may turn you over to partner companies for more extensive coverage

Best Guidance: Victor Insurance Managers, Inc.

Top Features: Underwriting expertise provides insight on real estate risks

Victor Insurance Managers claims it is one of the largest and most experienced underwriting managers of specialty insurance in the world. It is a leader in evaluating and underwriting risks, developing and executing risk management activities, and servicing accounts on behalf of their insurance carrier partners. They select leading carriers to partner with and act as the exclusive underwriter distributing their solutions through a network of licensed agents and brokers. 

The company strives to create superior products and offer exceptional service. Their mission is to provide superior value, service innovation and expertise, and establish themselves as leaders in their field. 

The company falls under the Victor Holdings Umbrella and has been focusing on underwriting for over 60 years. 

Victor’s offers a variety of insurance policies including auto, home, commercial and more. They put a special focus on real estate and are aware of the risks involved. They allow agents and brokerages to acquire and bind E & O new business policies in minutes 24 hours a day due to their innovative services.

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Victor Insurance Managers, Inc. Pros
  • A variety of insurance policies available
  • Several years in the business
  • Offers tips and guidance for how clients can avoid complaints and lawsuits
Victor Insurance Managers, Inc. Cons
  • As an underwriter, Victors does not sell insurance. You will need to go directly to your agent for any questions you have or services you need

E&O insurance is something no real estate agent should be without. The companies listed above will provide you with comprehensive coverage, fair pricing and convenient service. Which provider do you feel is best suited to your needs?

Why Do Realtors Need E&O Insurance?

There are many instances where a realtor may need E&O insurance. Here are some examples of when it could come in handy. 

  • If you show a home but neglect to mention a structural flaw
  • If you describe a property incorrectly in a home listing
  • If you give incorrect legal advice to a client

Basically, your insurance will cover you in any of the following instances:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Negligence
  • Inaccurate advice
  • Errors 
  • Omissions

Basic E&O insurance will cover fees including 

  • Attorney costs
  • Court costs
  • Administrative costs
  • Judgements and settlements

More extensive coverage is also available. 

E&O insurance is mandatory in some states and highly recommended regardless of your location.  If you work for a brokerage, the agency may have an insurance policy that covers you. If you work independently, you will need your own policy. 

Our Methodology:

Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top E&O insurance providers. We looked at everything from pricing, package options, and the coverage available. We’ve ranked and rated each company that offers E&O insurance on 7 different factors to come up with the very best providers. The short version of factors considered are: 

  1. The Fine Print: Read the fine print paying special attention to the insuring clause that tells you who is protected under the policy and when payments will be made. You must also consider which benefits are not available and which professional services the policy covers.
  2. Coverage Limits: The coverage limits will be expressed as two numbers, for example, $500,000/$1,000,000. This means the policy will pay up to $500,000 per claim but no more than $1 million for all claims during the policy period. Make sure the coverage limit is not so low that it won’t cover your business risks. Too high of a limit may raise your premium and provide you with more than you need.
  3. Claims Made: A claims made policy is desirable because it will protect you for losses that happened years ago even if you weren’t insured at the time.
  4. Risk Pooling Plans: A risk pooling plan is not technically insurance. It does not require the company to pay for your claims. If the premium seems suspiciously low, make sure you are not working with a risk pooling company.
  5. Insurer Ratings: Insurer ratings indicate whether an insurer has set aside adequate financial reserves to cover future claim contingencies. If it has not, it may be an insolvency risk. There are four major firms that evaluate insurers, A.M. Best, Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s. It’s wise to go with a provider that has A ratings from each.
  6. Online Purchasing: It will be convenient to go with a company that can process your entire purchase online. Beware because some agencies will have you start the process just to capture your information and will make you call one of their agents before you complete the transaction.
  7. Hidden Fees: Some providers may charge you additional fees such as membership fees and risk management fees. It’s wise to inquire about these fees before signing on the dotted line.