Sierra Interactive Review 2024: Prices, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives


We’re going to take a look at one of the top platforms on the market for real estate marketing. We’ll also look over all the facts to determine if they live up to the buzz around them. 

Sierra Interactive is going to be our target for the review today. 

Sierra Interactive is a real estate software solution that offers a CRM, websites, lead generation, and automation. They place a strong emphasis on helping realtors close deals, and build relationships to have continual deals from their clients. 

Sierra Interactive’s platform caters to teams of all sizes, but that doesn’t always mean they are the right solution for every team.  

In this review we’re going to help you figure out who should (or maybe should not) use their service. . We’ll dive into features, pricing, and tons more stuff. 

If you’ve heard about Sierra Interactive, but not a ton of the details, some of the information I’ve found may surprise you. Regardless, it will definitely help give you a fuller picture of what you would be getting, so stick with me for a few minutes.

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Quick Summary of Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive aims to cover all of your needs through the entire real estate process. From getting the leads to nurturing them and closing, they have tools to help you along the way. I gotta say, you shouldn’t  be aching for extra bells and whistles, because they are pretty full-featured. 

With Sierra Interactive, speed-to-lead and high conversion is their top priority. They have high-performing IDX websites and a customizable CRM full of automation. Plus, lead routing, tracking and management to keep teams organized. 

While they offer PPC and social lead generation, they stand out with their SEO lead gen that not everyone provides. Along with these, Sierra Interactive offers retargeting and remarketing through Facebook and Google PPC, so you aren’t leaving any leads on the table. 

Clearly, Sierra Interactive is chalk full of features, and we’re going to dive into those and see if they live up to the hype. We’ll also determine who they are (and aren’t) the best for, so stay with me.

Sierra Interactive Features

When you’re looking at a new platform, the features are almost always where you look first. We know the basics of what the company offers, but what makes them stand out, or puts them above the rest? That’s exactly what we’re going to go over.

I’ve done the legwork for you, but I would encourage you to look at each of these features in regards to how they would directly benefit your business. Or, if they would be more of a distraction that you don’t need.  SEO Driven Websites

1. SEO Driven Websites

Sierra website

While a website may not sound like a unique top feature at first, keep in mind it’s SEO driven (think free leads when you think SEO), which not all are. This will help you rank for the keywords you want. The websites are fully responsive and upload quickly to all of your stuff (tablet, laptop, etc.). The quick load speed is also good for boosting SEO. 

Your community pages and content will be hyper-local, another aspect that helps boost your ranking. Bonus, you have control over your URL, source code, and meta tags, so you can make sure the content applies directly to your market. Your listings are updated hourly, and new listings get added every 15 minutes keeping your site fresh. 

The part I really like – they do all the work for you. 

You can have multiple sites like a flagship site, and community specific sites and they’ll all be in 1 dashboard. To grab the leads from the sites you can require registration, and/or let visitors register through their social sign-ins. You control the navigation and structure of the site an can have multiple MLS feeds on one site. The platform is intuitive so it’ll show the visitor the feed they should be looking at for their search. 

Why it’s useful: You have a lot of control over your site, which can be nice for optimization, but the part that I would be most jazzed about is the SEO driven part. Extra free leads is always a cherry on top.

2. Marketing Automation System

Sierra triggers

Marketing automation is always a top feature if a company has done it right, because it saves you loads of time. With Sierra Interactive’s automation you start by picking the  triggers you want to use (lead status is updated etc.), then add any additional info you want considered, then you assign it to the leads and let them take over. 

They use behavioral and demographic triggers to automate the follow-up and data updates. You can get alerted of leads birthdays or important dates to automatically reach out. My favorite part – you can get it to make a note on a lead for things like consecutive clicks on an alert, and when they have returned to your page after a set amount of time. 

All of these automations help you target your message to client behavior, at the appropriate time. 

Why it’s useful: In general automation is a great time saver so you can focus on closing deals, so that with the alerts and smart features makes this one a little extra helpful on time management.

3. Combined Ad Campaigns 

With their Google and Facebook ads, Sierra Interactive’s PPC management services shine. They create the Google Ads for you, but you control if visitors have to register. I really liked that after 4-6 weeks of launching a campaign you’ll get daily updated performance reports to see if this strategy is working. 

I am a fan of retargeting because you’re using what you already have there. It’s like repurposing a piece of furniture. Their Facebook ads are dynamic and they focus on remarketing and retargeting the leads you already have to get them interested again. The listings in the ads are updated directly from the MLS so they are up-to-date. 

You can also use direct lead gen with Facebook to target interested buyers that haven’t come to your site yet. 

Why it’s useful: You have to come at lead gen from multiple avenues to fill the top of the funnel, but you don’t want to fill it with bad leads. That is the conundrum we all run into with lead gen, but I will say between retargeting and the accountability feature they have these leads should be more motivated, and you’re using multiple sources to fill that funnel.

4. SMS Marketing System

Sierra textLet’s face it, the world has gone to text, which is why it’s important you have a good text solution. Sierra Interactive’s text marketing system let’s you do a few things. 

  1. You can add listings easily and send them out in a text. 
  2. You can automate your texting with triggers. 
  3. You’re able to use bulk texting when applicable to save time. 
  4. You cansend out requests and reminders. 

Don’t worry you’re not sitting at home getting carpal tunnel from sending individual texts all day. You’ll add texts to your automated action plans. This way leads get engaged based on tags and behavior, follow-up keeps you top of mind for clients, and you can combine the texts with emails and voicemails to cover all of your bases. 

Sierra AI is your assistant to help engage leads, use scripts that are proven to convert, and notify you when a motivated lead is ready for you. All through text. 

With their texting campaigns they also offer some detailed reporting so you can splice out what is and isn’t working and revise your approach. 

Why it’s useful: Communicating through text is often the preferred method for people because it’s easy and quick. The problem is, you need a way to do it more efficiently when it comes to texting for business. So, being able to manage and automate so much of it will take some action items off your plate, the reporting will also help you tweak your strategy as you go. 

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Sierra Interactive Pricing

Pricing can either be a total attraction or a deterrent based on your budget. Sierra Interactive is geared more towards teams, so their price may seem too high for individuals. That being said, let’s take a look at a breakdown of their cost. 

For starters they offer two service levels – core and growth. 

  • Core Package. This package costs $499.95 a month for 5 users and 1 MLS IDX Connection. You’ll get 1,500 SMS texts and 100 MMS texts, 1500 dialer minutes, 250 ringless voicemails, 10k min of recorded storage, and standard onboarding and support. 
  • Growth Package. Starts at $699.95 a month for 5 users and 1 MLS IDX Connection. You’ll get 15,000 SMS texts, 5,000 MMS texts, 500 ringless voicemails, 35k min of recorded storage, high-touch onboarding, enhanced support, quarterly check-in calls with a customer success manager, and access to their exclusive resources. 

Some additional costs and caveats: 

  • 12 month agreement 
  • No setup fees
  • Any additional users are sold in blocks of 5 users at $100 a month for both core and growth packages 
  • For over 45 users you can get custom pricing 
  • Each additional MLS IDX Connection is $25 extra per month for both packages 

In comparison to some competitors they are on the pricey side, but definitely not the most expensive option, so it’s something to take into consideration. 

Biggest Pros

There are always pros and cons to anything, and sometimes one person’s pro is another person’s con, so keep that in mind.  I am going to go over what I see as some of the top advantages to using Sierra Interactive. 

Their automation is second to none. 

Sierra Interactive truly has considered just about everything when it comes to automation. Not only do they offer a lot of it, they offer it in a well thought out way. You’ll save a ton of time with all of their options.

They offer SEO optimized websites. 

This feature is a big perk. It is something that not everyone offers and it sets you up for the long tail leads so you’re not only getting the immediate growth, you will continue to see it down the road. 

You can retarget leads.  

This is an excellent way to keep costs down and optimize what you already have. Retargeting can revive leads just sitting in your database, and make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities. 

You’ll get a dialer to reach out to more leads.    

Their one-line dialer is fully integrated and has sms and mms capabilities. This is a great solution to faster calling and more efficient phone use for you. You can do bulk automated ringless voicemails to hit more leads without the time constraint. 

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Biggest Cons

Now that we know where Sierra Interactive excels, let’s take a peek at where they might fall short. Keep in mind, again, that something I see as a con may not be an issue for you. So here are the things I saw that could be a downside. 

They require 3rd parties to customize sites.

While they make their sites SEO optimized, they don’t offer an easy way to customize them to your needs. If you want to customize your website you’ll have to work with a third party, which could be a hassle. 

They aren’t great for solo agents.  

Sierra Interactive didn’t really cater their platform to individual agents. And while they don’t discourage solo agents, it just may not make sense especially for the higher price point. 

This solution is a little pricey.

You are getting a good amount with Sierra Interactive, but it is still a little pricey. Some other competitors have some competing features with a lower price point, which is why this one stands out to me.  

Who’s Sierra Interactive best for?

Sierra Interactive is pretty clear they cater to teams and brokerages over solo agents, but there’s always an exception to the rule . Let’s look at the types of teams and/or brokerages that are best suited to use Sierra Interactive. 

It’s great for teams looking for leads from PPC, social and SEO.

With their SEO websites you’ll get organic leads as well as their paid lead offerings. The best part is you’ll get them further down the road as well, so this sets you up for the long game, and they already have you covered for the short game as well. 

It’s great for small Teams or Indy Brokerages.

This is who Sierra Interactives product was originally tailored to, so it makes sense it’s still a good fit for these users. Their organization options and automation options help small teams work together smoothly. 

It’s great for growing teams.

With all of the automation options they offer, Sierra Interactive is great for growing teams. They give them back time they need to focus on closing deals, they will revive old leads to increase your growth, and their messaging helps make it easy to communicate. 

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Who’s it not good for?

If you haven’t just been skimming and you actually read the pros and cons list, you probably have an idea of who Sierra Interactive may not be best for. If you were just skimming this will be news to you. I am going to go over a few groups of people I don’t think would be the best fit to use Sierra Interactive. 

It’s not that great for Solo Agents.

I know, I know, I have said this already, but individual agents will likely spend more than they should, and not benefit from the tools and features that Sierra Interactive created for teams. 

It’s not that great for teams looking to incorporate more traditional marketing solutions

They don’t offer the additional marketing sources that some others do like postcards, mailers, video marketing etc. So if you are looking to incorporate all forms of marketing as part of your plan, you’ll have to work with someone else for this portion. 

It’s not that great for teams that are growing and wanting to have fully customized sites.

Their automation can really help a growing team, but if you want a custom site in addition to what they offer, it will slow you down. You have to work with third parties to get it customized which can be a headache and take extra time from your day.  

Sierra Interactive Alternatives

Whether you’re a solo agent that now knows this is probably not the platform for you, or a team that likes what they have read but want to lay out all of their options, we can help. Here are a few comparable alternatives you can check out.  

  • Follow Up Boss. You will get a few moreCRM  features with Follow Up Boss, since this is its focus. It also is a good option for teams to keep them organized, but they are not an all-in-one solution.  
  • Real Geeks. This one is going to help out you solo agents. They offer good customization options in the CRM, and sleek websites. You’ll also get some good automation tools. 
  • Ylopo. They offer sphere of influence leads as well as social and PPC, but you won’t get the SEO benefit. This option won’t give you a native CRM, but they make up for that with their lead generation tools. 

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The Final Verdict

Sierra Interactive is a good option for teams and Indy brokerages that are looking to grow and use the automation to free up some time. From the SEO optimized websites to retargeting leads, they truly cover your bases on expanding your lead database. But, for those that are looking for a more customizable solution that will fit individuals and teams, this is probably not the way to go. 

If you are truly on the fence I would recommend reaching out to Sierra Interactive personally. You can also dive into more in depth comparisons with other companies to see what else is out there. 

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 5/23/2024