The 7 Best Healthcare Providers for Real Estate Agents

Jim Gray, Lead Generation Expert4/19/2024

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Most real estate agents work as independent contractors or they’re their own bosses. This provides agents with the job flexibility they enjoy. But for many, it means a lack of health insurance.

Major brokerages like Coldwell Banker and REMAX offer insurance plans for their agents. But most brokerages don’t. And if you work for yourself, then getting your own insurance plan is a must.

Finding the right insurance plan can be challenging. It’s important to find one that offers a sufficient amount of coverage at an affordable price. This article will review your options so you can decide which is best suited to your needs.

The 7 Best Healthcare Providers

Best Overall Real Estate Healthcare Providers: Clearwater Benefits


Top Features

: Affordable, Customizable plans, health sharing

Clearwater Benefits strives to give you healthcare you can afford, without risking a lack of quality. You just have to be a 1099 employee or self-employed and you can use their open enrollment at any time. The plans are customizable, and they offer a free online quote tool to help you get started. 

Their standout features that will interest you the most are: 

  • Expanded PPO Network: Their plans give you a range of providers since they are part of nationwide PPO networks. 
  • Mental Health Care Is Prioritized: They’ve partnered with Talkspace so that every plan has mental health care help included in it. 
  • Care Coordination Service: They’ll help you find the lowest cost for your procedures, imaging, and labs so you don’t have to worry about individually fact checking on your own. 
  • Free Telemedicine: You can have healthcare from your sofa for free with their included telemedicine. 
  • Low Cost Prescriptions: If you’re okay with generics some plans offer these for free, but if not all plans should provide comparable prescription pricing, if not lower than others, to help out with the specialty meds. 

If you want to go with Clearwater Benefits you’ll have 4 plan options – ClearShare (this is a healthshare not insurance), HSA, Basic, and Advanced. The plans all include ClearShare which offers medical cost sharing to help with the out of pocket cost, while helping other members by contributing to each other’s medical costs.There will be some limitations that apply to using clearshare.  

Side Note: If you have a pre-existing medical condition you can still join but the sharing will be limited. From your initial enrollment date you’ll have a year waiting period before any pre-membership medical conditions can be shareable. The limited sharing amount will increase each year of your membership. 

Clearwater also offers Major Medical (all insurance plans with low cost and better benefits). The perk of Major Medical is that there are no limitations, so you don’t worry about things like age or pre-existing conditions. 

You can also benefit from supplemental insurance plans for things like dental, vision, accident, and critical illness. A nice little bonus is that you can opt to just sign up for dental or vision without adding overall insurance. 

Their plans are available in all 50 states, so you can benefit from Clearwater from anywhere in the US. Your membership will last for a year, and you can’t make any adjustments to the plan until your the year mark, or during open enrollment. 


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Best for Supporting Benefits: CrowdHealth


Top Features

: Healthcare crowdfunding approach

Crowd Health is an innovative insurance platform. It offers an approach known as healthcare crowdfunding. Here’s how it works:

  • Members make a low monthly contribution to the service. $30 goes towards administrative costs and the rest goes towards CrowdHealth bills.
  • You will pay for most doctor’s bills but if bills are over $500, you pay the $500 and submit a funding request to the platform. If you know the bill will be over $500 beforehand, CrowdHealth can contact the doctor and negotiate pricing.
  • Submitting a funding request to the platform is easy. Simply take a photo of the bill and upload it to the site.
  • CrowdHealth facilitates the process, so your bills get paid quickly and easily. The money is transferred from member’s accounts to your account ensuring you are covered.

CrowdHealth pricing is as follows:

  • Ages 0-5: $225 a month
  • Ages 6-54: $175 a month
  • Ages 55-64: $325 a month
  • Families of 4 to 8: $695 a month

CrowdHealth is not currently available to tobacco users and people that weigh 270/300 lbs. (female/male) or more. But they are working on decreasing their requirements so more people can be included.

Alternative therapies, cosmetic procedures, long term prescriptions, fertility treatments, vision and dental are not covered.

People that join cannot get coverage for pre-existing conditions in the first year. But in the second year, they may be covered for up to $25,000 in medical expenses. That increases to $50,000 in the third year and $100,000 every year moving forward.

If you are coming up on planned major medical expense, the platform will negotiate with the provider beforehand to reduce the bill by 30-60%. Then they will break up the payments so they can be financed by the platform over the course of a few years.

CrowdHealth is not really insurance and coverage is not guaranteed.

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Best Preventative Approach: Mira


Mira helps you get essential healthcare for a lot less than paying out of pocket.

It’s like Costco but for your healthcare. Basically, you pay a fixed membership fee and Mira works with providers to get you the best rates. When needing healthcare, you can find, book, and pay using the Mira app directly.

Mira is available in 45+ states, unlike traditional health plans. You can get virtual care, urgent care, lab tests, preventative care, medications, and gym discounts. The enrollment process is simple and painless, you can sign up in less than 5 minutes. No job requirement needed.

The Flexible plan is best for short term care and gives you three months of coverage for $135, or $45/month.

The Save plan is the cheapest option and comes with a full year of coverage. It will cost you $300, breaking down to $25/month.

Finally, the Lowest Copay option is 6 months of coverage for $360, or $60/month. This plan is the best option if you are looking for peace of mind.

Medications with Mira are typically 80% off compared to the full price you would pay out of pocket without a plan. Similarly, in-person urgent care will cost you $49-$99 if you have Mira, but can be upwards of $300 without a healthcare option.

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Most Affordable Healthcare Provider: Sidecar Health


Top Features

: Simple to use and setup

Sidecar Health aims to improve access to insurance with plans people can afford that can be used with a variety of doctors. You get the same benefits no mater which doctor you see. You can look up your benefit amount, so you know exactly what you’ll pay before you receive care.

The company stands out because it’s so simple to use. It requires a four-step process as follows:

  • Know Your Benefits: Members can use Sidecar’s portal to find out how much the company will pay for any procedure, test, or prescription.
  • Choose Your Provider: The portal will allow you to shop doctors based on ratings and price. They don’t rely on a network system giving you the freedom to choose the best provider for your needs.
  • Use Your Sidecar Visa Benefit Card: The card allows you to access your benefits and conveniently pay for medical care.
  • Submit Your Claim: Once your care is completed, ask the provider for an itemized bill. The bill can be uploaded to the portal so you can check your status at any time.

Sidecar also gives back to charitable organizations. Clients can nominate organizations they’d like the company to benefit on their website.

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Best for Customized Plans: Realtors Insurance by NAR

National Association of Realtors Logo |

Top Features

: Exclusive for Realtors

NAR’s Realtors Insurance Place is an exclusive site for shopping insurance. It provides plans for realtors and their families including health plans, dental plans, life insurance plans, vision plans, telemedicine, wellness solutions, and even pet insurance. It is designed for NAR members at all stages of life.

The platform allows members to get quotes, compare plans and purchase insurance directly online. All plans are available through top-rated carriers.

If you are having trouble finding the right plan, you can consult with a benefits specialist. They will help you navigate the platform and find plans that are best suited to your budget and needs.

Realtors Insurance by NAR has provided plans for tens of thousands or NAR members. It won the NAR Customer Experience Award in 2021 for its innovation and ability to provide exceptional service.

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Most Popular Healthcare Provider: Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange


Top Features

: All plans from highly rated carriers

Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange is a part of REALTORS Insurance Place. It provides NAR members with access to major medical plans.

Realtors can sign up through an open enrollment that runs at various times throughout the year. Personal assistance is available through REALTORS Insurance Place offering insurance and coverage solutions under the REALTOR Benefits program.

The exchange allows members to research insurance online so they can obtain quotes, compare plans, and purchase them online. All plans available on the exchange are Affordable Care Act qualified plans from highly rated carriers.

It also provides easy access to ACA qualified health plans including:

  • HMOs
  • PPOs
  • High deductible health plans
  • Health Savings Account qualified high deductible health plans

You can sort through the plans that are available based on price, type of plan, type of coverage and more making it easy to find the options that are right for you.

The exchange is administered by Smart and Simple Insurance Development (SASid), a trusted NAR partner. SASis is committed to providing the best options available in your state including flexible term medical plans, supplemental options, accident protection, and telemedicine plans.

The Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange is available to NAR members only. The platform can be accessed with a member ID. Family members may be added to plans where applicable.

Terms, conditions, and limitations may apply based on age and other eligibility requirements.

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Top Rated Healthcare Provider: Kaiser Permanente


Top Features

: Quality care, affordable plans, and a wide choice of doctors

Kaiser Permanente is rated as one of the top national health insurance providers. They offer quality care, affordable plans, and a wide choice of doctors. They provide individual and family plans, Medicare plans and business plans.

The way the platform works is simple. Just choose a doctor from their wide selection of providers or locate a facility for the care you need. You can use their online services or mobile app to:

  • Email your doctor’s office
  • Refill most prescriptions and have them delivered to your home
  • Get advice from a medical expert
  • Access alternative therapies
  • Use on-demand wellness resources
  • Schedule, cancel and view appointments
  • See most lab results
  • Act for a family member

The company stands out because it offers connected care. This ensures that all your doctors and specialists are on the same page when it comes to providing the treatments you need. It makes for a simpler experience regardless of your medical condition.

Kaiser Permanente will allow you to shop plans based on your needs. They can help you if you just want to stay healthy, if you are taking care of a family member, or if you need treatment for a chronic condition.

It can be hard for real estate agents to find a health insurance plan that’s right for them. This article provides tips that will set you on the right path. Which of these options do you feel are best suited to your needs?

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Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act was brought into legislation in 2010 when Obama was president. It was created to provide affordable insurance to individuals, families, and businesses. It can be easily accessed through websites and call centers.

The website will show you plans and prices and tell you how much you’ll save by signing up. Once you enter your income and personal information, you can see which ones you are eligible for. Then you can shop around to find the best deal.

The amount you pay for ACA insurance will vary depending on your location and personal situation. Plans typically range from $300 to $700 a month. However, subsidies currently average $500 a month which reduces the expenses considerably.

Association Group Insurance Plans

Another option is an insurance plan specially designed for agents. This comes in the form of the Realtors Insurance Place provided by the National Association of Realtors.  It offers a variety of coverages for members of the NAR including dental, vision, health, telemedicine, and wellness solutions at all stages of life. It even offers pet insurance.

The site does not provide quotes directly. You will need to call a representative to find out how much the premium will be.

Terms, conditions, and limitations may apply depending on age, state laws, and other eligibility requirements. But the plan is worth exploring.

Brokerage Insurance Plans

While most brokerages do not offer insurance coverage for their agents, there are a few that do. If you are fortunate enough to find a brokerage that provides insurance, simply choose the plan that works best for you and your family.

Private Market Insurance

If you are not an NAR member and do not work for a brokerage that offers insurance coverage, you may want to consider private insurance plans.

A private insurance plan is beneficial in that it offers you control over your plan. You won’t be locked into a time frame of when you must purchase the insurance such as an open enrolment period.

Private insurance may seem like an expensive option. The base price is not too far off the national average.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a plan costs around $440 a month as compared to the average of $456. A private family plan is around $1168 compared to the national average of $1152,

However, unlike the Affordable Care Act, these plans don’t come with subsidies that can save you money.


What to Know About Getting Real Estate Health Insurance

There are many factors involved when purchasing real estate health insurance. Here are a few to consider.

Deductible: The deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance payments kick in. So if you have a deductible of $500 per year, you will need to pay $500 for your medical needs before your insurance company begins providing coverage. It’s best to get a deductible that’s as low as possible.

Copay: The copay is the amount you’ll pay for medical services and prescriptions after the insurance payments kick in. So, if you haven’t reached your deductible, you may pay $150 for a $150 medical visit. After you reach your deductible, you will pay the copay only. So if your copay is $25, you’ll pay $25 for the visit. The insurance company will pay the rest.

Co-insurance: Coinsurance is similar to a copay, but it works on percentages instead of a fixed rate. So, if your deductible is met, you will begin paying only a percentage of your medical bill. For example, if your co-insurance is set at 20% you will pay $20 of a $100 medical bill. The insurance will pay the rest.

Out of Pocket Maximum: An out-of-pocket maximum is the most your can pay for your health insurance plan every month. This will include your deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. After you reach this maximum, your insurance will pay 100% of your medical costs for the rest of the month.

Premium: The premium is the amount you pay for health insurance every month. It does not include copays, coinsurance, or deductibles. If you have a market plan, your premium may be reduced by tax credits.

PPO: PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. It’s a type of plan that contracts with certain medical providers to create a network of participating providers. You will pay less if you use providers within your PPO network, but some PPOs provide coverage for out of network providers as well.


Our in-house real estate experts spent hundreds of hours researching, scoring, and ranking the top health insurance providers on the market.  We looked at everything from pricing and ease of use to the specific real estate industry features that are available. We’ve ranked and rated each health insurance company on 4 different factors to come up with the very best healthcare providers. The short version of factors considered are: 

  1. Cost and value: Not all real estate healthcare providers are created equal, so it’s important to look at what’s included with your purchase. While opting for affordable health insurance will always be important, you’ll want to strike the right balance between value and coverage, ensuring you’ve got the ideal plan to suit. Our experts take into account the upfront costs, while also looking at what copay costs will be.
  2. Coverage: Real estate agents want to be able to access healthcare without paying a ton of fees out of pocket. The coverage is arguably the most important consideration of all. You’ll need to think about whether you want a full-service plan or something on the lighter end of the scale, which may depend on whether you’ve got separate vision insurance or dental insurance plans elsewhere. This is why the available coverage is a major factor in our recommendations.
  3. Customer support: Many real estate agents don’t have the time to research or see what offices are in network, so customer support is very important. It’s one of the biggest downfalls in customer reviews. Whether you might need help seeing what’s covered or what your HSA budget is, customer support plays a big role in finding your ideal healthcare provider—especially when it comes to an insurance company that you’ll be paying for regularly.
  4. Overall performance: At the end of the day, all health insurance need to have a good ROI. Our experts looked for how the coverage meets the specific needs of real estate agents and teams. Being able to easily communicate with providers is a must, so our experts took that into consideration when coming up with the above recommendations.

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