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Oklahoma Real Estate Academy Reviews

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About Oklahoma Real Estate Academy


Oklahoma Real Estate Academy offers pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education services, for real estate salespeople and brokers in Oklahoma. These programs are available online and offline. Led by the brilliant minds of Steve and Ginger Oliver. The Oliver clan and everyone in their institution are through and through real estate people with over twenty years of active experience.

In addition to the real estate academy end, they run a well-respected blog that treats a lot of real estate topics from both the international to the national to the state-level trends.

Quick highlights about Oklahoma Real Estate Academy

  • Oklahoma Real Estate Academy offers pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education services in Oklahoma.
  • All the courses are approved by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission.
  • They allow students to study at their own pace. To facilitate this, they have 24-hour online access courses which include quizzes, practice exams, online books, and class finals.
  • They offer in-person classes but they don’t mandate classroom attendance.
  • Their classes come in different packages of online and offline classes and increasing support.

Which courses are offered at Oklahoma Real Estate Academy?

This school has several programs for Oklahoma State-approved real estate education in different stages throughout a real estate career, some of them are:

Real estate pre-licensing

The first part of getting to practice real estate in Oklahoma requires the applicant to complete 90 hours of real estate education courses. The basic course is divided into two parts

The Provisional Sales Associate Pre-license class is approved as a “90-hour Distance Education” course that combines Outside Reading Assignments, Quizzes, Exam Simulator study, and classroom sessions that are available for students.  This course is a great blend of self-study with help from real instructors in classroom settings.

The courses are self-paced and can be done online or in person. The course is divided into three different packages of increasing levels. The packages are Basic, Economy, and Premium. The basic level is entirely online, and it offers 24-hour online access quizzes, practice exams, online books, exam simulator study, and class finals. The economy package gives students a copy of Dearborn’s 20th Edition of Modern Real Estate Practice, State-specific books and study guides, and the option to attend classroom sessions at any Oklahoma Real Estate Academy location across the state. The premium class offers a student the option for test review, option for tutoring depending on grades, access to 400+ practice questions and answers, flashcards, 68 videos w/animation to explain basic principles for visual learners, and more.

Real estate post-licensing

Oklahoma state requires all real estate salespersons to complete a 45-hour post-licensing course to help keep them updated on the more intricate procedures of operations like contracts, business structure, and more within a year of licensing. This prepares the salesperson for life as an independent contractor. OREA Teaches business planning, how to build a CMA, listing presentation, present an offer, negotiate, utilize social media, and more for a price of $150. The classes are online only to ease the workload for the real estate salespersons. The classes are designed to be self-paced.

The perks of the courses offered include:

  • 24 Hour Online Access
  • Satisfies OREC Post License requirement
  • Instructor Support
  • 100% Online

Real estate broker license

For those looking to get a broker license OREA offers Real Estate Broker Courses too. The course is 90 hours of online and physical classes. The classes offer student brokers outside reading assignments, quizzes, exam simulator study, and classroom sessions. The courses combine self-study and instructions. In the course, students get the following

  • Self-Study reading material (30 hrs.): Modern Real Estate Practice (Dearborn)
  • Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Code and Rules
  • Oklahoma Specific Pre-license Study Curriculum
  • Online quizzes and tests (24 hrs.): 21-unit quizzes (1 from each chapter of Modern Real Estate Practice)
  • 4 unit quizzes that correspond with Oklahoma specific information
  • 1 Real Estate Calculations quiz
  • 1 Practice Exam
  • Extra Classroom Sessions (36 hrs.) for physical students.

The course can be taken online or in person in either Oklahoma City or Tulsa. The online classes cost $450 while the physical classes cost $595.

The online classes have extra Classroom Sessions for up to 36 hrs.

Continuing education

OREA Continuing Education Courses

For professionals who need to get extra knowledge on an aspect of real estate, you can take courses like Marketing, Process, Tactical, and Prospecting. Each course bundle takes about 21 hours and costs 60 dollars.

There are also 10 online and 15 elective courses bundles that cost 10 dollars per course.

The 21 Hours CE courses offer:

  • 24 Hour Online Access
  • Self-Paced Study
  • Instructor Support

How is the learning experience at the school?

The most common trend of what students, observers, and reviewers say is that the school has very good instructors. From Steve to their own visiting instructors, they have the best communicators. There are accelerated programs that will get you a license in the shortest time possible. You will get loads of quizzes, study materials, and books.

Why Choose Oklahoma Real Estate Academy?

  1. Knowledgeable Instructors: they have several strong instructors who are deeply entrenched in the ways of the market that their classes are all you’d need.
  2. Many years of experience in the Oklahoma market: would you rather have a school that is knowledgeable in several markets or just one school that is deeply into just one market. Well, the latter is usually preferred. Who better to teach you in the ways of Oklahoma realty if not Oklahoma Real Estate Academy?
  3. Self-Paced Courses: The courses are designed for the students to learn at their own level of assimilation. Students aren’t rushed or made to feel unnecessary pressures
  4. Flexible Courses: with plans for online and offline classes at different price points while offering flexible hours, this school is God-sent.
  5. Good Student support: they offer strong backing to their students. Even with the online courses, the instructors are ready to answer any questions you might have quickly.

Are there any reasons not to choose the school?

This might also be the biggest reason to choose the school. Oklahoma Real Estate Academy is only best in Oklahoma this might be a little bit for people who want to expand into several markets. Such fellows might prefer to have a school that offers courses in various markets that is serving as a 1-stop shop.  On the positive hand, this means that the school is hyper-specified and perfect for anyone who wants to learn real estate courses specific to Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Real Estate Academy FAQs

No. Oklahoma Real Estate Academy is specialized in the state. They only offer pre-licensing training only in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Real Estate Academy is as good as it gets. They are licensed by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. They have over 2 decades of experience in the market and the education sector. Their courses are robust and designed to be easily understandable and robust.

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