Grizzly Leads Review: Prices, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 1.56.17 PMOne of the hardest aspects of being a real estate agent, in my opinion, is getting leads. Not just any lead will do, you want leads that convert. 

Finding the right leads can feel like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks, right? Been there, done that. 

It’s an awful strategy, because it wastes so much of your valuable time nurturing your promising leads and clients that are already relying on you to help them find their next property. 

There are no guarantees of course, but with a solid lead gen platform in your back pocket, you’ll be in the game of building your client lists with more time to focus your attention where it needs to be. 

In this review, we’ll explore the features, pros, and cons of Grizzly Leads, a comprehensive, user-friendly platform tailored for real estate agents, like yourself,  seeking effective lead generation solutions. 

From its unique features to potential drawbacks, we’ll dissect the platform’s suitability for agents and brokers providing insights from industry experts to help you decide if this site will work for you! 

Quick summary of Grizzly Leads

Grizzly Leads is a straightforward, transparent (this is a big deal that we’ll discuss later), cutting-edge platform designed to streamline lead generation for real estate agents. 

Grizzly Leads exceeded my expectations while reviewing the product with advanced tools and user-friendly interfaces. 

It looks promising as a marketing strategy to implement to enhance your efficiency in acquiring and managing leads making it a valuable and profitable asset to have in your agent toolkit.   

I say marketing, because they have a team that will optimize your ads with unique content and copy, and the ultimate goal being – generate leads. A few instant “add value” features to your marketing strategies include:

  • 100+ CRM integrations
  • Scalable Pricing Plans
  • Built in follow up
  • And more…

The biggest perk is the customizable pricing options for your budget. You pay for what you need to grow your business.  

Alright, so let’s get into the details so you can see if you think Grizzly Leads will be a good option to help you grow your client lists. Ready? Keep reading! 

Grizzly Leads features

Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 1.58.03 PMMarketing is the only way you will get leads in this industry, and if you want to scale, having people trained in the algorithms and seo of digital marketing by your side is imperative, especially now. 

There are several platforms you can choose from to help you generate leads, but there were definitely a few things that stood out about Grizzly Leads that prompted me to write this review. 

Let’s go through some of their features that I found impressive and if they also resonate with you, hopefully I’ve also saved you some time in your day…

Targeted Lead Generation: 

Grizzly Leads employs advanced algorithms to provide real estate agents with highly targeted and relevant leads… this is KEY when you are generating leads

This tells me that they are NOT throwing spaghetti at all. They are creating targeted advertising that will compel a specific audience to take interest in what they are seeing.  

If you are new to the world of real estate marketing, this means an increased click rate, which means you will likely have leads that are more likely to convert.

Why it’s useful: By identifying and advertising to specific niches, Grizzly Leads stands to position you as an expert in those areas, which helps you stand out from the competition… becoming the go-to choice for clients with those particular needs.

Targeted lead generation, also, typically yields a higher return on investment as you can allocate your resources more efficiently. With a focused approach, you can optimize your marketing strategies and spend, ensuring that every effort contributes to attracting leads that are more likely to convert into successful transactions.

Data Analytics: 

Targeted marketing only works if you are watching and analyzing the results of your campaigns to know if they are working. These swings of success can change rapidly if you are not hyper-focused on the story that data is telling you. 

From my understanding, Grizzly Leads as a lead gen company, is also essentially an advertising company, which means their success is directly impacted by your success. 

Their marketing teams are likely highly tuned into trends and results of your advertising. Not only is this a specific skill set used as an asset to enhance your visibility… it takes up a lot of time that you as a real estate agent simply don’t have if you want to be successful.

Straight from

“Our mission is to help you make the big shift from then to now by putting your business on the map in the Digital Age.

GrizzlyLeads can do much more than simply capturing leads and traffic. With a blend of machine-learning technology and astute marketing methods, we produce revolutionary business insights and unlock previously out-of-reach opportunities, which allows our team of experts to tweak our ads to continually reduce the cost of conversion (visitor-to-lead).

The GrizzlyLeads team is award-winning and ready to monitor and identify market trends in order to leverage industry opportunities – all of which allows us to help our clients thrive in an always-changing marketplace.”

Why it’s useful: You are more likely to have visibility in your targeted areas of expertise, which empowers you and your teams to more specific, ideally, lucrative decisions with more confidence.  

User-Friendly Interface:

This is a big one for me… Their website is simple, which could be off-putting to some who like big and showy sites with aaaaaaalllllll the information, everywhere. 

Grizzly Leads is straight-forward and transparent. Get the information you need, and get out. If you have questions, they have a team and a chat that you can easily and quickly find out more. 

grizzly leads3

Also, because I wanted to review their site… meant I had a lot of questions, more than the average bear so to speak… get it? Grizzly leads?Bear? No? just me, that’s fine. SO, I asked the questions and was met with fully developed and transparent answers. So refreshing! Also, a huge perk to their customer service. 5 stars in my opinion. 

Why it’s useful: Time. Simply put, time. With all the platforms you’ll be adding to your agent toolkit and having to learn, having a straightforward site with a great customer support system that integrates with 100+ CRM systems can be a huge relief in its simplicity, especially when it’s effective.  

Integration Capabilities:

You may have already seen this coming… 100+ integrations with Grizzly Leads as your lead gen system! Organization should be a top priority for you as an agent and being able to integrate with your preferred and already existing platforms helps to satisfy a seamless workflow.  

Plus, integration allows for the automation of various workflows, such as lead assignment, follow-up emails, and task reminders. This automation not only saves time but also ensures that no lead falls through the cracks, enhancing the overall efficiency of lead management.

grizzly leads2

Why it’s useful: Integration with CRM systems is vital for optimizing lead management, enhancing communication, ensuring data accuracy, and fostering overall efficiency in the real estate industry. Ultimately, it enables you to build stronger relationships with your leads. 

Lead Nurturing Tools:

Sure, you can be handed leads… if you don’t have a system to follow up and nurture the lead into a client… you’re wasting your money. Not a worry with Grizzly Leads, you can set up email drip systems through their platform. 

As you can see, they have options for pre-set ones, but also offer you the ability to customize your follow up emails. Pro tip, customize them in your voice and brand. A personal message goes a long way, and it’s worth taking the time to do that. 

grizzly leads

Why it’s useful: This one seems a bit self explanatory, but if not, the simple truth is you have to follow up with your leads until you get them on the phone. There is no way around that sometimes as much as 5 or 7 times… at least that’s my cut off. So having a built-in system to help you set that up is crucial for increasing your client list. 

Grizzly Leads pricing

I was a little confused by their pricing initially researching the site, and because it is newer in the field I couldn’t find the pricing in my research. Here’s the good news, I reached out and got the best answer directly from the source:

“Zip code ad spend starts at $200 a month and we have a $25/month ad management fee. Agents have the option to scale up their budget from there to increase average expected lead ranges. Agents will be able to see this average range on the website after they pick a zip code and utilize the slider. Higher budget = more leads.”

Not only did I appreciate complete transparency, which helps me trust this site more than I already do, I was happy to find out that it’s extremely affordable and you easily scale as you are ready to fit your budget. 

Additionally, there is no contract. So you can try it out for a month or two or three, and once you’ve satisfied your bandwidth… you’re not obligated to continue with them. Also you’re not tied into a specific pricing package, so you are truly customizing specific to your budget. 

Biggest pros

As you can tell, I’m a fan of this site, and would like to use their services to help me expand. At the very least, I would try it out especially since there is no contract, but see if these pros work for you…

Highly Targeted Leads: 

Targeted marketing will get me every time. Knowing your audience and catering specifically to their needs in your advertising will help you convert. You can also bet that the leads you get will be more aligned with your niche market requiring less time for nurturing.   

Comprehensive Analytics:

Honestly, there is no point in marketing if you’re not analyzing the data, but it’s an all consuming task. 

The fact that their specialized team’s mission is to advance your presence through digital marketing tells you that they are going to position your business at the forefront of your targeted market. 

We live in a digital world now, so it’s a required element in your marketing that we just simply don’t have the time to focus on.  


I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to switching systems. If I can avoid it, I will. The fact that they have 100+ integrations means I can keep the workflow I’ve already established, and not have to sweat a full switch which will take time in the learning curve away from time I could be focused on helping my clients. 

Biggest cons

As always, it’s important to consider what could be improved on. I found a few things that could be improved upon, but were not deal-breakers for me. Take a look, see what you think!   

Overly simplistic:   

As I mentioned, I actually like the simple, user-friendly interface. But I also like flexibility in services offered. You know exactly what you’re getting, nothing more, nothing less.

Their focus is in digital marketing, so you are getting leads, but from what I can see no person to person personal messaging until you receive the lead. But they do have the funnel email follow up systems, so a good counter balance. 

Hard to Predict ROI: 

There are no guarantees of how many leads you will receive based on what you’re spending, and it depends on your zip code and various factors. So, you really have to make your decisions based on your budget.

Who is Grizzly Leads best for?

Let’s see if you fall in a category of agent that would benefit most from using Grizzly Leads…

New Agents Just Getting Started: 

You’ve got to start somewhere, and with their focus in digital advertising you’re also helping to build your presence in the market.    

Experienced Agents Looking to Expand:

Seasoned agents can leverage the platform’s analytics tools to refine their strategies and stay ahead in the market in the digital world. 

Larger Teams and Agencies:

As they say, higher budget = more leads. This is a great way for brokers to invest in a lead gen system that will likely have a higher ROI for their teams tackling each lead that comes in. 

Who’s it not good for?

Not everyone needs lead gen sites, and there are a few of you who this may not be the best investment for… if you’re on the fence… let’s talk about it.   

Agents Who Prefer Manual Lead Generation:

If you work in a smaller market, you may prefer to take amore hands on approach when it comes to engaging with potential clients over the automated drip campaigns. 

While you certainly can take advantage of those tools offered, you can absolutely still  pick up the phone and call your clients. At this time, incorporating both strategies is great. 

Agents with Highly Specialized Needs:

Individuals requiring extensive customization might find the platform’s features limiting especially if you are looking to build your own branding. 

You can still create content that will be in your voice in your campaigns, but if personalization is your priority over lead gen that’s understandable.  

Grizzly Leads Alternatives

For those of you that read through this review and either didn’t find a solution to your marketing needs, or are just still curious what else is out there, here are a few alternatives you can take a look into. 

  • CINC. They are truly full service offering lead generation, websites, and CRM. They also have lots of automation options. They are pricier than Top Producer, which is something to take into consideration.
  • Sierra Interactive. This is another option to consider when looking for small teams. They are another all-in-one solution if you need more than a CRM and social lead gen. They are more limited in customization. 
  • Wise Agent. If you are looking for simplicity and a low cost, they might be worth looking into. They are really just a CRM solution, so could be good if you have other tools in place for your website and lead generation. 
  • Lofty (formerly Chime). For another platform with great automation tools, Chime is worth a look. They are easy to use and an all-in-one solution. They are a better bet for your team, as they are not on the cheap side. 

The final verdict

In essence, Grizzly Leads is a targeted lead generation platform that I believe empowers real estate agents to work smarter, connect with the right audience, and optimize their efforts for maximum impact in visibility and success in a highly competitive industry.

About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 5/2/2024