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Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller, Licensed Agent4/15/2022

A real estate coach provides objective business consulting that can lead to a personal or professional transformation. But this kind of coaching doesn’t come cheap. As an agent starting out or looking to make the next leap, you may be wondering, is it really worth it? Here are some factors to consider.

Pros of Real Estate Coaching

Real estate coaching can be beneficial for some agents. Some claim it has helped them achieve a personal and professional transformation that is well worth the expense. Here are some ways it can pay off.

A New Set of Eyes

As a new agent, it can be helpful to have another set of eyes overseeing what you are doing. An experienced coach will take a look at your technique and provide feedback that can help you develop on your career path. They can pass on new ideas and help you develop your practice.


Accountability and Focus

Agents typically meet with their coaches once or twice a week. A session with a real estate coach can keep you accountable and focused on your goals. The focus they provide can be invaluable to your career.


Many agents that have worked with real estate coaches say it helped them increase their income to the point where it more than made up for the cost of coaching.

Undivided Attention

When you start your real estate career, it’s likely that you will be put under the guidance of more experienced agents that will mentor you. But those same agents will be dealing with their own sales and may not give you the undivided you require.

A coach hired specifically to provide you with advice and mentorship will be more committed to getting you on the right path.

Coaching vs. Training

As mentioned earlier, when you start out as a real estate agent, it’s likely your brokerage will put you on a team of more experienced agents that will show you the ropes. While it’s true that you will not get the focused attention a coach will provide, you will also be getting hands on experience that can be even more valuable.

Additionally, your employer may provide training resources that will help you learn and grow as time goes on. These may include videos, workshops and one on one coaching. The resources offered will be a lot less expensive than a real estate coach and may be just as beneficial.

Real estate coaching can pay off, but it’s a huge financial investment. Make sure you are ready to put in the time and commitment to reach your goals and that the coaching is the right move for you before agreeing to anything. Will you be taking on a coach to move your career forward?

Best Real Estate Coaching Service

Winner: Mike Staver

mike staver headshotA real estate coach’s end goal is to help you set attainable goals and increase your sphere of influence, but each one has a unique method to offer

That’s why we’ve picked the best of the best as our 2022 Excellence in Industry Awards Winner based on a number of factors.

Let’s give a round of applause to Mike Staver. Mike has proven to be a stand up real estate coach for all agents, in every stage of their career. He excels at helping new agents navigate the real estate industry, helps experienced agents set clear and reasonable goals, provides valuable resources to growing real estate teams, and has a track record of providing valuable coaching services across the board.

Mike is known for being results-oriented, providing one-on-one virtual leadership coaching to increase self-awareness, address problems, and clarify goals and the strategies needed to achieve them.

Mike can help you if:

Your results sometimes fall short of your good intentions.
You are easily distracted, unfocused, and overwhelmed.
You want to be a better leader but don’t know where to start.

What should clients expect? Short and powerful sessions with Mike so you can spend less time talking and more time doing the hard work of leading.

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