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Embark on your dream career as a real estate broker and help North Carolina families find their forever homes. Take action now to become a licensed real estate professional with our self-paced North Carolina Real Estate Broker Course Packages.
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Self-paced North Carolina Real Estate License Course Packages

85,000+ students have gotten a license with our courses since we started in 2020

The Basics Package
Begin with the Essentials: Register for our state-approved 75-hour pre-license course; comes with a list of practice exam questions.
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NCREC Approved Courses
Course Details
  • 75-hour pre-licensing course
  • 100% online course
  • Work on any device, at your own pace
  • Engaging material in a variety of formats
  • Fully accredited course by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission
  • The #1 course endorsed by top producing North Carolina brokers
Ultimate Learning Package
Choose our most popular package, encompassing our comprehensive pre-license course and essential resources to prepare for and pass the North Carolina Real Estate Broker Exam.
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  • Everything in The Basics Package +
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What's Inside

How to Get Your North Carolina Real Estate License

Step 1: Take a North Carolina Real Estate Course
Step 2: Conduct a Criminal Record Check
Step 3: Apply for Your North Carolina Broker License Online
Step 4: Pass the NC Real Estate Broker Exam
Step 5: Begin Post-Licensing Education
Step 6: Find a Managing Real Estate Broker based in North Carolina

You'll Get

Easy, Flexible Course
Most Effective Technology & Content
Best Money-Back Guarantees
Best Test Prep (PrepAgent)
Bonus "Agent Success" Career Training
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You’ve got your real estate license…now what? By purchasing your real estate licensing course from us, you also get FREE access to AgentAdviceU – real life agent training videos created by a recent CEO of the largest real estate brokerage in the world. AAU is normally sold for $99 through real estate schools across the country, but we include it free with your course purchase on our site in order to help new agents jumpstart their actual agent training.

In these videos you’ll learn:

  • How to find the right broker for you
  • How to set up your business for success before you graduate:
    • How to build your social media presence
    • How to effectively work your network & feel good about it
    • How to find leads that you can turn into commissions
    • Agent marketing and lead management
    • How to sell or buy a home once you have a client

Unfortunately, your licensing courses won’t cover these subjects in any depth. The licensing courses only qualify you to become an agent. It’s important you learn the ins and outs of agent life before you graduate, so that you can rack up sales sooner after graduation than you would otherwise. Don’t wait until you get your license to start your real agent training.

Pass the real estate test – guaranteed!

If you don’t pass your state licensing exam, we’ll fully refund you. To be eligible, students must purchase a course from You must attempt to pass the state licensing exam at least twice within 45 days of completing the course material. Just let us know after failing the exam the first time, so we can help provide you with additional help. If you still don’t pass, you will receive a full refund.

Career Counseling & Job Placement

Whether you have a quick question about preparing for interviews or are ready to get connected to the best brokers in your city, our team is ready to support you on your real estate journey. AgentAdvice has helped over 50,000 agents and students pursue or advance their real estate careers in just the past year alone. And we work with the top new-agent brokerages across the country, so we can answer your questions based on what’s in your best interests rather than what’s in the interest of any one individual broker.

We’ve built the most affordable way for you to get your Real Estate License. All you have to do is attend at least 1 interview with one of our recruiters (+ provide feedback) after passing the state exam & before joining another brokerage, and we’ll reimburse you for the entire cost of The CE Shop course that you purchase from us.


That’s right – we’ll reimburse you whether you choose to join our team or not (but we hope you do!).  About 50% of our tuition reimbursement graduates choose to work for our team after interviewing with us.  The other 50% of our tuition reimbursement students that choose to join another brokerage still get their course costs fully reimbursed.

Becoming a real estate broker in North Carolina is not that difficult. It requires time and dedication as any other state licensing requires, and if you work hard enough, you will earn a good income.

It is slightly more complicated, though. There are more requirements and approvals you need to receive, so it may take longer than it does in other states. You need to pass a background check and obtain a Notice of Eligibility, which adds a bit to the time required to become a real estate broker in North Carolina.

The Commission’s primary purpose is to license and regulate North Carolina real estate agents. It is the one stop shop for North Carolina’s 100,000-plus real estate agents who are licensed as brokers.

When time and resources allow, members of the Commission staff hold programs to address issues of special interest and concern to the Commission, real estate licensees and the public.

The Commission is not allowed to give legal advice or answer questions on legal subjects other than the North Carolina Real Estate License Law or rules set out by the Real Estate Commission.

The Commission is not to be confused for the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® which is a trade organization whose members are known as “REALTORS®”.

Unlike many other states, North Carolina has only one type of real estate license – a broker real estate license. However, there are different levels of the license, better known as status categories. Many other states have a separate licensing process for real estate agents or real estate salespersons – but in NC, it’s all the same.

The “entry-level” license status category is a Provisional Broker. It’s the initial license a real estate broker receives right after passing the licensing exam. A provisional broker has to be supervised by a broker in charge.

The next license status category is called a Broker. A Broker is a Provisional Broker who satisfies the broker requirements but has taken an additional 90-hour prelicensing education program. A broker doesn’t need the supervision of a broker in charge and can act independently and perform brokerage activities with minimal limitations, but cannot personally supervise provisional brokers.

The final and highest broker license status is a Broker in Charge, a person who performs all broker activities in a brokerage independently and supervises provisional brokers.

Finally, if you live in a neighboring state and want to do real estate business in North Carolina, you need to obtain a Limited Nonresident Commercial Broker real estate license. There is a $30 fee required to get it, and some additional requirements may apply, depending on the exact state.

The 75-hour pre-licensing education has to be taken in a live classroom at a location approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Unlike most states, online real estate classes in NC are not currently allowed. During these 75 hours, the course covers topics in the areas of: 

  • Real Estate Principles 
  • Law of Agency
  • Law of Contracts
  • Real Estate Law

The courses are held in private real estate schools and community colleges throughout North Carolina.

You have 3.5 hours to complete the 120-question exam.

Thankfully, if you fail either the national portion or the state-specific portion, you can retake just that portion of the exam. However, both portions of the exam have to be passed within 180 days. If you’re retaking only one part of the exam, you will have to retake it within the 180 days.

Tip: You can find tons of tips and information (including real practice questions) to help you pass the North Carolina real estate exam on the first try. 

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Pass the test - guaranteed!
If you don’t pass your state licensing exam, we’ll fully refund you. Guaranteed.
Trusted by Many
85,000+ students have gotten a license with our courses since we started in 2020.
Access to AgentAdviceU
Real life agent training videos created by a recent CEO of the largest real estate brokerage in the world.
Career Counseling & Job Placement
Whether you have a quick question about preparing for interviews or are ready to get connected to the best brokers in your city, our team is ready to support you on your real estate journey.


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