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called twice - no one answered - 3rd tim...

called twice - no one answered - 3rd time - i was put on hold for five minutes and then the person hung up!!! the 4th time - person was possibly overwhelmed answered the phone and i want to say accidentally hung up again!!! nevertheless, MOVING ON TO ANOTHER SCHOOL!!!

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I knew absolutely nothing about real est...

I knew absolutely nothing about real estate coming into this course other than an interest and I left feeling so much more knowledgeable. Kristen Baycorn’s classes are for sure the best! She makes learning light hearted and easy to understand. Some things can be a bit overwhelming but she breaks it down simply. The school itself offers great resources and are there for you. I passed both my state & school exams first try! I will actually miss going to classes. They’re the best!

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If you want to pass the State and School...

If you want to pass the State and School exam you should attend Kristen Barcorn classes. Not only is she an expert in Real Estate, but she also helps you to understand Real Estate. The best teacher in the whole school. Her classes are very knowledgeable. Many thanks to Kristen!!

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Kristen is a great and great lady, she i...

Kristen is a great and great lady, she is very professional and kind. As you known, i am a Chinese guy, there are so many other classes outside the city, some very cheaper, but i chose her class,you would learn a lot of very interesting stuff from her classes and her little hand books. I read 2 times and write down the answer from her book, i pass the school test in 1-1/2 month, most of the answers are from her class, take good notes, and for the state test, about 60% from this book or more, i am so impressed by her effort to write this book.her main points just like the music spreading in your head, and telling you that is the right answer on the test!!! I still remember the questions from the State test seen from her pass book.. it is like sunlight from the God... haha.. work hard and have fun. In less than 2 months, you will pass the RE State test...
Once again: go to her class take all her notes, read her little green pass book. At least 2times, you will did a very good jobs!(I read every single words of the red test book and the Glossary it also helps and I learn a lot from it)


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About New York Real Estate Institute

Quick Facts About NYREI

  • It was founded in 1987. 
  • It provides a variety of courses such as investor training, appraisal licensing, home inspection, etc. They have certificate courses in PM, CPM, and commercial real estate. 
  • They offer up to 5 locations in New York for the utmost convenience, including a Manhattan branch, Long Island branch, Queens branch, Brooklyn branch, and Westchester branch. 
  • Teachers at the school are top career professionals. 
  • Online courses are offered through a partnership with Hondros Learning. Some of the school’s instructors participated in creating the online courses though they are offered through a different vendor.


Which courses does the New York Real Estate Institute provide?

online-3412498_1920In-person Courses: These are classes offered at their locations by real-life instructors: 

New York Real Estate pre-licensing course:  You will have to complete 75 credit hours and pass the NYREI School Exam. 

New York real estate broker licensing:  Becoming a broker is the next step in the career of a sales agent. You must complete 45 hours of approved education. But before you become a broker, you must ensure that you have accumulated at least 3500 points in sales. The Department of State assigns sales points to real estate transactions, and you can learn about how they do this on their main site. 

Continuing Education: Salespersons and brokers are not exempt from continuing education required before they can renew their licenses, which takes place every two years. Up to 22.5 hours of approved education is required. The school’s CE courses not only help agents fulfill the credit hour requirement, but they also cover more important topics like title closing procedures, etc.  

Exam preparation: Passing the real estate exam is no easy feat if you have not adequately prepared. There are a variety of exam preparation resources that the school offers. 

Online practice tests for real estate agents start at $50. The school also offers private two-hour tutoring sessions for groups and one-to-one tutoring. 

More learning opportunities:  In addition to providing the core competency courses, NYREI has entrepreneurial training programs, real estate seminars, investment courses, and career courses.


NYREI Learning Experience

  • The school is set up for busy professionals who want to obtain their real estate education while also attending to other tasks. That’s why they offer a rotatory learning program. It allows you to start learning on any day of the week.  
  • There are morning afternoon and evening classes. And you will take only ten days to complete the course. 
  • Students have also described experiencing a great teaching environment. 
  • Classes are flexible since you can begin with in-person lessons and switch to the online class to meet the required course hours.
  • Online courses are not just text-based with no form of interactivity. They have made them interactive by including special activities, videos, and more.


Why do students choose NYEI?

checklist-2023731_12801) Financial assistance: The school has made it a priority to assist students who may not pay the full cost of tuition out-of-pocket. For instance, by providing a PayPal bill me later service. They also accept Workforce 1 vouchers and support the VA-GI bill.

2) Job placement: You require a sponsoring broker to get licensed as a salesperson. The school helps in providing job placements at top firms. 

3) Flexible lessons: Few schools have implemented a rotating class schedule that allows students to start learning on any day. The fact that you can get this at NYREI gives you freedom and flexibility.

4) Student benefits: You get other benefits by attending NYREI, for instance, access to Swift MD (a service that allows you to talk to a doctor without commuting). Brokers especially will appreciate the school’s partnership with FileNow, a service that can help them create new companies quickly.

5) Interactive & well-versed Teachers: Teachers have been described as very supportive of students. Through real-world examples, they give students real insight into the world of real estate.

6) More class hours: NYREI is open four nights a week, and seven days a week. You can even show up and attend a class on the day you register.


What are the downsides of New York Real Estate Institute?

The school generally has received many positive reviews, and many more say that they can recommend it to people they know. The one negative trend we’ve observed is that courses expire in 4 months, and you’re required to purchase an extension in order to continue accessing them. 

New York Real Estate Institute FAQs

The school claims to have a pass rate of 95%, though there’s no way of verifying this since pass rates for specific schools are not necessarily published.

The school only offers in-person classes in New York.

Online courses are provided by partnering with Hondros Learning. Hondros Learning is available in other states.

Just ten days if you take the in-person class. The online course is self-paced, so if you can dedicate 75-hours in a given week to the course, you might as well complete it. 

New York Real Estate Institute Locations

NYREI Manhattan Branch

132 W 36th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

NYREI Brooklyn Branch

539 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

NYREI Westchester Branch

2 Ogden Ave
Cortlandt, NY 10567

NYREI Queens Branch

221-17 Northern Blvd
Bayside, NY 11361

NYREI Long Island

24 Oak Dr
Syosset, NY 11791
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