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Moseley Real Estate Schools Reviews

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Phillip Cantore

Their C.E. course is easy to take and you can breeze through it. It is by far the BEST I have ever taken anywhere in any State!

Nothing to change for CE. The FL CE course was the absolute best experience ever. Don't change anything please!

If you already understand real estate and don't need to really study the information, you can breeze through the slides for CE and take the quizzes. They reported it to DBPR the next day. Amazing ? Thank You for making my life easier and simple!

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I do not recommend they cancel and then say they will not refund the money because they had a screw up with the trainer schedule. Then they cancel in less than 24 business hours and because job rearranged the schedule for this class they would not for another class so they need to refund the money back because I can’t take another class . They are robbing the youth who is trying to be productive citizens and want to get into real estate but using them they don’t care. All they want is the money they don’t care that this young man worked to save up the money to pay and get a one time exception for his schedule to now find out LESS THAN 24 HOURS THEY CANCELED AND THE DIRECTOR WOULD NOT GET ON ALL THEY SAY IS PASS 10 Days well your guidelines does not say if you cancel you would not refund. Robbery!!

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There is no structure and no curriculum ...

Marie Blackwell

There is no structure and no curriculum for online learning. You basically pay 300 dollars for an online book.

About Moseley Real Estate Schools

Moseley Real Estate Schools is a leading real estate school in Virginia. It has been the consistent top choice for students in Virginia far surpassing many other large schools. They offer classroom and online courses as well. The school also claims to post the best pass rates in the PSI real estate state exam.   

Quick Facts about Moseley

  • The school was launched in 1995 by Guyon Mosely.  He now serves as the CEO and chairman. In the school’s early days, Guyon foresaw creating a more efficient course that would help students become successful in their new careers. 
  • You can take both online and classroom courses. 
  • Some of their main courses include salesperson pre-licensing, broker licensing, and CE courses. 
  • They offer several classroom locations including Chesapeake (corporate headquarters), Fredericksburg, Newports News,  Waynesboro, and more. Some of their classes are held at office locations of real estate brokerages like Keller Williams, Exit Realty, and others.

Which courses does Moseley offer?


The pre-licensing course can be taken either online or in-person.  If you opt to learn in-person, you’ll be taught at local real estate offices by instructors certified by Moseley. It has the advantage of exposing students to different brokerages before they choose the best to hang their licenses. It might make it easier to kick start your career. 

You complete 40-hours of live classroom work. In addition, students also get a printed textbook, unlimited access to online resources, and finally, you’ll take the school final exam that has to be proctored. 

Post-licensing e-learning courses

After obtaining your real estate affiliate broker license, you still require post-licensing education before renewing the license for the first time. The school offers this for free, therefore allowing you to complete the 30-hour credit hour course. With other schools, you might pay more than $200. The premise of this freebie is to allow students to feel supported by the school and become successful. This perk is virtually unheard of in other states.

Broker pre-licensing

You only require to be a salesperson for three years or more before you’re eligible to become a principal broker. With this accreditation comes the ability to set up your own office. Moseley offers local career seminars that you can attend. 

Continuing education E-Learning

Virginia requires a salesperson to complete the CE course and attain up to 24 credit hours before they can renew their licenses. Generosity is at the heart of Moseley, and you don’t have to pay anything. This is equal to more than a “$1000+ career value” as the school purports. Some of the topics require as part of CE requirements include the Salesperson Law Update, Virginia Agency Law, Real Estate Finance, and more. 

Reciprocity course

Moseley also caters to agents who are licensed in other states and want to obtain their Virginia broker license.  It is a 15-hour course and ensures that you know all about the practices approved by the state’s real estate board. Not all states qualify for reciprocity with Virginia.

How is the learning experience at Moseley?

Learning at Moseley is convenient because of the multiple delivery modes. For instance, the local premier class courses will great for students who can find the time and want to interact with instructors in a class setting. With the online e-learning mode, you access the course at any time of the day or night. You also set your own schedule, but it requires more discipline to see through. They also let you switch from online to the classroom by just paying the difference nf the cost of tuition.

Why do students choose Moseley?

list-2389219_12801) Small classroom sizes: By favoring a more distributed approach to scheduling their live classes, students find that they are in small groups. One student noted that they were six and met in a conference room with offer great interaction and made the class fun. In fact, they try to limit class sizes to only 9. 

2) Good support system: The school has been cited for providing good support.

3) Multiple locations: By leveraging local real estate offices, the school is able to provide over 100 locations for live classes.

4) Good instructors: All Moseley instructors are selected with care and aim to facilitate maximum interaction with their students, which is possible by keeping classes small.

5) Discounts and promos: The courses as per industry rate to begin with, and they are made more affordable by regular promos and special discounts. With Guyon being a veteran, he ensures that the school caters to active military, veterans, and firefighters with even more generous discounts on courses.

What are the drawbacks?

With classes taught at real estate offices, there might be a tendency of a  real estate instructor specifically promoting their own brokerage like talking about how great it might be to join. Some agencies offer profit share programs, and instructors may have a motivation to self-promote. Once you sign up, it is advisable to weigh all brokerages with offices in areas you want to serve.  

Moseley Real Estate Schools FAQs

You will need to purchase the online exam prep course from the school. It comes with over 35 practice exams as well as time simulated exams. 

School pass rates are sometimes difficult to find, for instance, when there are not published by the state real estate commission, or when they are issued directly to schools. Moseley reports that they have some of the highest pass rates in the state. The most recent stats we found were from 2015 where the school managed a pass rate of 51% with 2915 students posted. Now pass rates might not reflect whether or not you will pass or fail. It’s only through adequate preparation can you be assured of success.

Florida does not publish the pass rates for schools. You can only hear about the school’s pass rates from the institution itself. Some schools will ask former students to complete surveys, but we were unable to find third party information.  Gold Coast Real Estate School revealed that their students managed a pass rate of 70 to 90% for their in-house exams, administered at the end of the course. 

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