Elizabeth Convery

Elizabeth is the founder of VERY Real Estate, a boutique residential real estate firm based in Philadelphia that specializes in sales and advisory. In 2019, she forged a partnership with Compass RE. Elizabeth firmly believes in providing homebuyers with a commitment to transparency and trust from their real estate agent. Additionally, she sees homeownership as a path to building wealth over time. Elizabeth possesses particular expertise in assisting first-time homebuyers and is dedicated to increasing the homeownership rate among her Millennial peers.

During the initial phase of her career, Elizabeth worked in commercial real estate. Armed with a Graduate Degree from Cornell University in Hospitality and Real Estate Finance, she specialized in selling luxury hotels in New York. However, feeling unfulfilled with the commercial side’s focus on ‘making people very rich,’ she sought to leverage her property knowledge for a more impactful purpose. Elizabeth also strategically partnered her firm with Compass RE, a leading real estate technology company in the US, contributing to the enhancement of the brokerage’s annual revenue.

License: Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission #SB065595