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Real (Real Broker)

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About Real

Real bills itself as the first mobile tech-based real estate firm. Agents don’t operate out of the traditional office. All the agent tools, broker support & more are all packaged into a single mobile app. 

Focusing on the increasingly tech savvy nature of agents, Real offers a model that can give agents a better work-life balance and greater financial opportunities to give them more ownership over their career.

Beginnings & History of Realpexels-marc-mueller-380769-1024x575

In 2014, there was a convergence of real estate experts and technology entrepreneurs with the mission of creating a new tech-based real estate brokerage. 

Notable figures, who contributed to the firm’s founding, included Tamir Poleg (current CEO), Gal Weiss (founder of Ocean Technologies) & Yuval Niv (current CPO). 

In just six years, Real has gained a foothold across 96 markets in 20 states. It emerged as one of the finalists in the Inman awards Innovative Company of the Year in 2016 & 2017. Through several venture funding rounds, the company has raised over $11M.

Quick Facts about Real 

  • Real is a virtual brokerage. They keep their physical offices to a minimum only where mandated by law. Instead, agents work from home or shared office spaces. They have lower fixed costs since they are virtual, allowing them to pass savings on to agents & clients. Agents receive on-demand support from brokers & experts regardless of their location. 
  • Real is ranked amongst the top five virtual brokerages in the U.S. 
  • Top producers, community members, and referrers are always recognized by being featured on their website.
  • Mobile technology is at the heart of the company. 

moneyPassive Income

Real encourages agents to bring in more recruits. Each referral grants you a cut of 5% on the total sales the recruit generates up to the annual cap for attracted agents. You can earn a maximum of $4000 per referred agent annually for capping agents. Real pays the commission directly. 

Once you join the elite revenue sharing plan, (after getting your tenth referred producing agent), the revenue share extends down to 5 tiers. 

Working at Real

Overall, the overwhelming number of agents think that it’s a great company with top-notch technology. The platform is mobile-based, so agents aren’t tethered to an office.  Some agents love this hands-off approach. The company tries to promote a sense of community even without face-to-face interactions. 

The support team is known for responding quickly and offering exceptional services.

Real’s agent tech stack

Real is tech-centric, so expect a wide array of tools & technologies. Here are some options you’ll get: 

Marketing Suite

Consists of productivity and collaboration apps to promote and elevate your business. 


Utilizing this platform, agents conduct paper-less and compliant transactions from start to end. 

Chime CRM

This third-party app offers a bundle, which includes CRM, IDX,  lead generation, team management, and more. The idea is to help agents generate and more effectively help clients.

Real Apppexels-energepiccom-313691 (4)

Work revolves around the “Real Mobile App for agents.” It allows them to carry out CRM tasks, communicate with prospects, access marketing & branding assets, etc. 

Agent training

Agents can learn from top producers and real estate experts from live video sessions hosted multiple times per week. The brokerage also provides articles and guides used for self-study. 

If you join a team headed by a more experienced agent, you may get one-to-one coaching. Contacting support is another way to have questions answered. Weekly national conference calls also give newly licensed agents a chance to network and learn.


Real has some of the best splits in the industry.  Agents take 85%, with Real taking a 15% share. 

The cap is $12,000. If you hit the cap which is reasonable by industry standards, you keep 100% of the commissions afterward.

Keeping costs down by minimizing offices has its advantages. The biggest pro is that there are no desk fees. 

Some virtual brokerages don’t impose desk fees but will charge monthly fees. Well, Real has neither desk fees nor monthly fees. 

There are transaction fees, though. Along with a $149 sign up fee, you pay $225 transaction fee after cap, a $125 lease transaction fee after cap, and a $500 brokerage fee which comes from your first two transactions. 

While agents at many other firms have to pay for E&O insurance, Real doesn’t charge at all. 

Yes. Real offers a stock incentive plan to those agents that contribute to the growth of the company.

Before cap, agents are paid out 5% in stock per transaction with 25% additional shares one year after the transaction at no cost to the agent.

After cap, agents are paid out 10% in stock per transaction up to $15k annually with 50% additional shares one year after the transaction at no cost to the agent.

Real also offers stock awards to agents that bring in other agents to the company after the referred agent completes a transaction. The stock opportunity is based on Real’s capping and attracting table.

In addition to all of these opportunities, Real has an Elite Agent Stock Award offering agents with exceptional sales volume additional stock opportunity. Agents must meet one of the two requirements:

  • Pay the full annual cap AND generate $6k in post cap transaction fees
  • A minimum GCI of $500,000 AND at least 10 completed transactions

Becoming an agent at this virtual brokerage is easy – just submit a form on their website and a local leader will get in touch with you.

No monthly fees: Few brokerages can claim to have no monthly, E&O, franchise, tech, or desk fees.

High Commission Split: In reviews, many people have highlighted that the commission split is fair.

Easy to build teams: The brokerage offers a minimum 25% team member split to the team lead. 

Innovative technology: Let’s point out this amazing fact: Facilitating a real estate sale from your mobile phone is pretty amazing. Many agents in reviews say that they like the tech.

Earn passive income: You’re rewarded for attracting new agents to the company.

In a number of reviews, agents mentioned that they had difficulties at times accessing support from state brokers. They want more brokers assigned to each territory. 

You’ll not enjoy the same name recognition or the backing of a famous company.

Unless you join a team, working alone might prove difficult if you can’t motivate yourself. Remote working lacks the structure of an office environment. The broker is often miles away, which means no in-person interactions or supervision.

It is not a franchise and doesn’t have franchisees.