20+ Proven Real Estate Marketing Videos to Generate Leads (2023 Updated!)

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As a real estate agent, you know how important leads are. They are basically your lifeblood. Without leads, you will be unable to generate conversions, and without conversion, you won’t be making any money.

There are many videos that are available on YouTube that will help get you more real estate leads. But which are worth watching and which are just a bunch of fluff? This article will help you find the ones that yield the highest value.

(Editor’s note: Need help getting started with marketing? Check out our complete guide to the Best Real Estate Marketing Companies)

1. Social Media Musts for Every New Real Estate Agent

YouTube video

Social media is so important for real estate lead generation. In this video, Tom Ferry sits down with Joe Pantana to discuss five of the most important moves agents should make online to stand out from the competition. It provides strategic methods that will get you attention in the industry.

The interview does not leave any stone unturned. It mentions the various platforms and how to make the most of them. It reviews various aspects of social media marketing from raw materials to Google Local.

The video is just over 22 minutes long taking a bit of a time investment, but it’s packed with information. Garnering over 19,000 views and 800 likes, it’s worth a sit down.


2. Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas and Realtor Hacks for New Agents

YouTube video

This video was created by Alisia Krastel, also known as the ‘mother hustler’. She explains how real estate agents can attract leads and boost business. She even provides tips on what agents shouldn’t be doing.

The strategies offered are simple and inexpensive. Many are presented as hacks which will make your life easier. Her ideas are ones she has used in her own business.

The video is just 7 minutes long providing value without taking a lot of time out of your busy day. It has racked up over 33,000 views and more than 1,000 likes.


3. How to Generate 34 Real Estate Leads in One Week

YouTube video

This video presents a very exact strategy for generating 34 leads a week for only a few dollars per leads. It presents a method for helping you generate more leads at a fraction of the cost. It offers the entire blueprint for bringing in 3 or 4 leads a day.

The video is created by Jason Wardrop, a marketing expert in the real estate and mortgage field. It includes access to real estate Facebook ad templates which are also available via a downloadable link beneath the video. It can help you grow your business, so you make five digits a month.

The media is a reasonable 16 minutes long. It has brought in over 77,000 views and 1,600 likes.


4. 21 Effective Methods for Real Estate Lead Generations for 2022

YouTube video

This video was created by Kyle Handy, a real estate agent and team leader. He has extensive experience helping realtors grow and market their businesses. He has generated over 10,000 leads in his career through various sources.

Handy shares the secrets of his trade in a very straightforward manner. He offers current information that’s useful in modern times. He provides proven methods that really work.

The video is 21 minutes long providing a strategy a minute. It has brought in over 10,000 looks and more than 300 likes.


5. Top Real Estate Agent Reveals Her Secrets for Lead Generation

YouTube video

This video takes an interview podcast format. Branden Mulrenin sits down with Spring Bengtzen, a top agent whose team sold nearly 500 homes in 2021 and is on track to double that for 2022. She shares her secrets for lead generation.

Spring starts out by talking about the importance of breaking out of your comfort zone to take your business to the next level. She discusses the importance of finding four factors to build your business on. She then reviews other strategies that have pushed her forward.

The interview is over 45 minutes long so you will need some time to sit down and digest the information. But it is well worth your time investment. It has racked up over 10,000 views and more than 350 likes.


6. Real Estate Lead Generation Sites with No Upfront Costs

YouTube video

This video was created by Jimmy Burgess. He recommends seven generation lead platforms that are effective and offer no upfront costs. If successful, you will be charged a referral fee.

He goes through each of the platforms and mentions their characteristics and benefits. Viewers can use the information he provides to find the one that works best for them. He uses a very matter of fact, no BS attitude that’s honest and appealing.

The video is just 12 minutes long offering a good amount of bang for its buck. It has gotten over 8,000 views and more than 200 likes.


7. Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents 2022

YouTube video

Facebook ads are a great way to buy real estate leads, but only if they are used correctly. In this video, Mike Sherrard reviews how to use Facebook ads in 2022. It’s terrific that this is updated as many of the tricks used in 2021 no longer work this year.

The video is worth watching as it helps you create ads that ad agencies will charge thousands for. He offers clear explanations that are easy to understand. By the end of the video, you will learn how to create the most effective Facebook ads for both buyer leads and seller leads.

The video is 26 minutes long and well worth the time investment. It has brought in over 26,000 views and more than 1,000 likes.


8. 3 Top Real Estate Leads 2022

YouTube video

In this video, realtor Stefanie Kebede shares three lead generating tips that have helped her grow her business. She offers updated information and has an engaging manner. She speaks clearly making what she is saying easy to understand.

In addition to giving tips, Stefanie dives a little deeper. For example, she mentions how important social media is, then discusses the platforms that work best and how to use them. She provides comprehensive information for viewers leaving no stone unturned.

The video has gotten almost 4,000 views and close to 300 likes. It’s a quick 11-minute watch.


9. How to Take 100 Listings in 2022 (Step by Step)

YouTube video

Jackie Kravitz has over 25 years in the real estate business. She has coached tens of thousands of agents and listed and sold quite a few homes. She offers this video as a step-by-step guide for how to take 100 listings in 2022.

Jackie leaves no stone unturned. She even refers to notes to ensure she doesn’t miss a detail. She is committed to offering information on exactly how real estate agents can achieve the seemingly impossible goal of taking 100 listings a month.

The video has racked up over 14,000 views and 600 likes. It is 32 minutes long, so you’ll want to set some time aside to watch this one.


10. Second Year Realtor Sells $15 Million Door Knocking

YouTube video

Door knocking is a real estate sales tactic that many realtors find effective. In this video, Brendan Mulrenin interviews Cameron Ure, a second-year realtor who has yielded $15 million in sales by door knocking. Interested viewers can watch as Ure reveals his secrets to viewers.

Although Brandon is a realtor, coaching is his passion. He shares his wisdom for free in this video. He explains his door knocking strategies to help agents use this method to grow their business.

The video is a little more than a half hour long. It has gotten over 7,000 views and 1,000 likes.


11. 6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Never Thought of to Get Clients

YouTube video

This video was created by Mike Sherrard. He takes a very straightforward approach admitting that most tactics on how to generate real estate leads have been done to death. He then explains how this video will present marketing ideas you never thought of and will help you stand out.

In addition to being unique, these strategies are simple and do not require a lot of follow up. They have been proven to help close deals quickly. They target both buyers and sellers.

Mike goes through his concepts quickly and clearly resulting in a video under 10 minutes long. It has drawn in over 13,000 views and 600 likes.


12. My Tips and Advice for New Realtors- New Agent Tips 2022

YouTube video

This video is presented by Vayna Jerabeck, a realtor who grew up in real estate and started as an agent at just 18 years old. It provides guidance on how agents can get started in the business covering everything from getting your license to growing your business. She offers tips she wishes she knew when she started out.

Vayna takes a straightforward approach. She provides insight on exactly what to expect when you get your license and begin working as an agent. She offers advice on setting goals, creating a daily schedule and more.

In the video, Vayna lays out the facts in a concise manner making for a watch that’s just over 13 minutes. It has gotten over 22,000 views and 1400 likes.


13. Prospecting and Lead Generation Service for Real Estate Agents

YouTube video

In this video, Loida Velasquez shares the prospecting and lead generation services she uses in her own career. In addition to revealing the platforms she utilizes, she also explains the features of the platforms she finds most useful and why. This helps agents become familiar with what’s out there so they can decide which works best for their needs.

Loida is transparent in the information she provides. She is clear on what works for her and what doesn’t. She points out each service’s advantages and disadvantages. The only drawback is that the video can be a little hard for non-tech savvy people to follow.

Loida is very informative and manages to break everything down for you in just over 8 minutes. The video has been viewed over 13,000 times and it has been liked more than 500 times.

(Editor’s note: Need help getting started with lead generation? Check out our complete guide to the Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies)


14. Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents: Which Platform is Best?

YouTube video

This video was created by Eric B. Preston, an eXp agent and founder and CEO of Agent Launch. He has generated over 10 thousand leads a month for himself, his clients, and students. As a specialist in lead generation, he should know which platform is best for real estate leads.

In the video, he reviews various social media platforms including Facebook ads, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.  He helps you determine the best platforms for investing your time and money. He advises you on how to focus on the platform you choose.

The video is about 15 minutes long offering a concise delivery. Eric provides a good amount of information in a clear manner. The video has gotten over 2000 views and more than 100 likes.


15. Google Ads for Realtors 2022- Get Hot Leads and Close Them

YouTube video

Also created by Eric B. Preston, the agent promises this video is the only one you’ll need to set up an effective campaign used to generate real estate leads at scale. As someone who spends over $5000,000 on google ads specifically targeted for real estate lead generation, he ought to know. His agency, Agent Launch consistently generates $5-10 leads in nearly every single market in North America.

He promises the video will teach you how to create Google ads on autopilot and come up with a system where you can comfortably convert. The step-by-step tutorial presents a strategy that helps agents close 3-6 deals a month. The proprietary system is offered on YouTube free of charge.

And while there is no money investment involved, there is a considerable time investment. The video is over 52 minutes long. It has racked up over 5,000 views and close to 200 likes.


16. Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas in 2022

YouTube video

This video covers the basics of prospecting. Creator Shawn Getty believes you should prospect every day. But he doesn’t believe you need to prospect the same way each time. He presents a variety of prospecting ideas that you can learn from.

Shawn has used every type of prospecting and considers himself an expert on the manner. He presents a strategy that will help you efficiently spend your time and money. He uses a direct approach to present the information.

The video offers value in a minimal amount of time running under 5 minutes. It has brought in over 100 views.


17. How to Get Free Real Estate Leads for Craigslist

YouTube video

Craigslist is a free resource that offers real estate listings on a regular basis. But did you know it can also work as a platform for bringing in real estate leads? In this video, Kyle Handy explains how it’s done.

Handy explains how you can use Craiglist for everything from helping someone buy their first home to selling an investment property. He describes what to do and what not to do when using the platform. He also tells you how to avoid ‘time wasters’ on Craigslist.

The video is just twelve minutes long and it’s divided into sections so you can easily find the information you need. It’s gotten over 2000 views and more than 100 likes.


18. How I Generate 1,000 Buyer Leads Every Month as a Real Estate Agent

YouTube video

In this video, Karl Freund shares his secrets of how he makes 90% of his money. He reveals the strategies he uses to bring in over 1,000 leads a month. He explains that he was hesitant to make the video at first as he didn’t want to give his insider information to the competition.

The information in the video is delivered in under 10 minutes. It has racked up over 8000 views and generated more than 600 likes.


19. The Perfect Real Estate Marketing Plan: Listings + Lead Generation + Spheres + Buyers

YouTube video

Real estate expert Mike Sherrard lays out an easy-to-follow marketing plan for 2022. He teaches agents how to boost brand awareness, generate leads, market listings for sellers and buyers and remarket to target audiences. He uses a combination of traditional and innovative strategies.

By the end of the video, he promises that agents will have a blueprint for how to take marketing to the next level. He offers processes proven to work in every market. He takes you through each aspect of marketing providing a simple guideline that anyone can put into action.

At 22+ minutes, the video is a bit of time investment, but it’s well worth it. It has generated over 4000 views and more than 200 likes.


20. The Secret Open House Strategy for Getting More Buyers and Sellers

YouTube video

The open house is a very important part of the buying and selling process. In this video, Mike Sherrard sits down with Matthew Nicholas as he shares his tips for hosting a successful open house. His strategies are easy to utilize and proven to get results.

Nicoholas explains how he went from getting nothing from his open houses to bringing in hundreds of clients. He offers game-changing insider information that will keep you from wasting time at open houses. The information will help you leverage your open house opportunities so you can make the most of them.

The video is 27 minutes long and packed with value. It has gotten more than 1,000 views and over 100 likes.

Real estate leads are very important. YouTube offers tons of resources that will help you expand your reach and market successfully. Which of these will you be checking out?

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