5 Steps to Writing an Unforgettable Realtor Bio (2023 Updated!)

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Becoming a homeowner for the first time is one of the moments all young people are waiting for. That especially counts for couples that are planning to get married. Real estate agents, in that case, are some sort of superhero for those people. However, is becoming a “superhero” an easy task? 

Did you know that buyers spend around 10 weeks searching for the right home to meet their needs? When you look closer, that is a long period that most people would like to avoid. A professional real estate agent can make the entire process quicker. However, thousands of people from the real estate industry will offer the same thing. To stand out from the crowd, you need to write a unique client-magnet bio.business meeting

Real estate agents do not only have to know how to sell a house. They also need to learn how to sell themselves. That is exactly where an effective bio can help. Yet, the entire process requires a bit more effort. Every agent will need to go through a couple of stages before completing the entire process. Fortunately, they came to the right place to gather some useful tips. Let’s find them out together! 

Determine the Best Point of View 

The first thing real estate agents should do is determine the point of view in their bio. They have two different options. One option is to write the bio in the first-person point. That means the real estate agent decided to use “I” through the text. The second option they have is writing the bio in the third-person point of view. In that way, it will seem that a narrator is telling a story about the experience and achievements of the agent. 

Both options can be a good choice. However, they directly influence the tone the agent will use through the text. People that use the first point of view will often write a bio in a more friendly tone. On the other hand, the narrator type of bio usually comes in the form of formal content. 

That is the reason why determining the best point of view is essential. The examples below may help you choose the one that meets your expectations. 

Tell a Story Only When It is Necessary  

Believe it or not, people start losing concentration in around eight seconds on average. In 2000, the human attention span was around 20 seconds on average. That is the change that real estate agents should have in mind when writing their bio as well. 

People do not like to read too much. It is fine if a real estate agent decides to write something unrelated to his career or experience. However, that story needs to be engaging, and there has to be a reason why he decided on that move. For instance, the real estate agents can try to cover a lack of work experience with some type of story. 

woman working in coffee shopDon’t Make it Salesy

A real estate agent bio is not the place where individuals should advertise their services. All the examples above try to impress the reader in different ways. However, neither of them tries to sell the service to the people that reached their website. 

For instance, saying something like “I will find the best house for your needs” or “You can expect amazing service” is not something bio should contain. People started to read a bio because they wanted to see how qualified the agent is. Buying a new home is a big step forward. Some people save money for years to ensure a comfortable living place. Because of that, they want to be sure they are giving their trust to the right person.

Font, Background, and Photography 

Not everything around real estate agent bio is associated with textual content. People need to take care of the font, background, and photography as well. 

First of all, real estate agents will need to hire a professional photographer to take a picture for their bio. The clothes they wear in photography should be professional. For instance, tie, suit, and shirt are something real estate agents should put into consideration. In that way, they leave a good first impression on the reader. Additionally, real estate agents should smile in the image. They have to look friendly because that is one of the characteristics that is important for all buyers. 

The next thing people should take care of is the font and background. Both factors should be as simple as possible. For instance, white background and black letters are usually the options people mostly use. 

When we talk about fonts, agents should also focus on classic and simple fonts. For instance, a good example can be fonts such as Cambria, Calibri, Arial, and Georgia. 

If the bio is not eye-pleasing, there is a big chance people will not even start reading it. That is the reason why the design and structure of the bio are essential as well. 

Look for Inspiration! money

The inspiration for a real estate agent bio is everywhere. Only in this article, people can see a couple of samples that could serve as an inspiration. They should always check out how successful individuals in the industry are doing it. 

On the other hand, they can make an extra step and check out an example of content in different places. Better quality of writing means a more professional and engaging bio. You can follow Subjecto to find dozens of essay samples that will potentially help to improve the quality of your content. 


Real estate agents now know how to write a client-magnet bio. The quality of the content needs to be at the highest level. It should describe everything associated with their achievements and education. However, it must not be salesy in any way. 

Once you settle on the perfect bio, be sure to upload it to your real estate lead generation website. If you don’t have one yet, then check out our list of the best real estate website builders to get started.

On the other hand, they should also take care of the design. The background, fonts as well as the image they add matter a lot. They can convince clients that this particular agent is a perfect option for them. Isn’t that the goal that all real estate agents have?

Expert Tip: Once the leads start rolling in from your amazing bio, be sure to find the best real estate CRMs for your business. It will help you keep everything organized, and streamline the communication process. 

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