The CE Shop – Full Georgia Course

February 15, 2021


The CE Shop is one of the most well-known names in real estate education.  The Georgia course offers a very easy to use course that comes with lots of study materials. In addition to detailed videos, students have access to flashcards and quizzes that can help them study prior to the licensing exam. 

All materials can be accessed 24/7 on your home on your computer, so you can complete the course at your own pace. Online courses are also significantly more affordable in Georgia than traditional classroom learning environments. However, instructors try to mimic the same benefits that come from a classroom setting.  The CE Shop offers forums where students can ask questions or go over the materials together. 

In Georgia you can get your real estate license as quickly as two weeks, but you are able to take the course at your own pace. 

The CE Shop gets a high rating in Georgia largely due to the consistently high pass rights. While it’s slightly pricier than other online courses, you’re guaranteed to get a good deal if you purchase through AgentAdvice. 


Updated, interactive content available anywhere, anytime:

  • Stay engaged and retain the information more effectively with an online educational experience that lets you learn when—and where—it’s convenient for you.

Everything you need to get your real estate license in Georgia is included in the 75 hour Georgia licensing course. You can also enjoy these features along with the course: 

  • Free online proctoring 
  • Real estate ebooks written by experts 
  • Digital flashcards 
  • Real estate glossary with updated terms 
  • Downloadable career resources 
  • Webinars on exam topics 

Up to date content and platform

  • Content is the key to your success, and The CE Shop is constantly updating their courses to keep up with industry changes. Together, we want you to learn, grow, and succeed through the most revolutionary ideas in education.

This course includes our special AgentAdvice advantage, which will help get your real estate career off to a great start by helping you find a brokerage. It also includes extras not available anywhere else.

Max Hours in a 24-Hour Period: Georgia real estate licensees will not receive credit for more than 7.5 hours of pre licensure per day. 

The CE Shop pass rate in Georgia are reported to be very high. 

How does it work?

We partner with several real estate schools to give you deeper discounts than the standard rates. Because of our relationships, you’ll be able to access course content for a much lower cost than you’d be able to get otherwise.

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll receive an email revealing the name of your school and information on how to get started.

All partner schools are guaranteed to be reputable online real estate schools, with an editorial score of at least an “A” on Agent Advice. is not the provider of the course, and all state certifications, ongoing support questions, etc. will be provided by and fulfilled directly through that school.

How long does it take?

You are able to take this course at your own pace. Students can finish the course content as quickly as two weeks, but some may opt to take longer. However, students must finish all 75 hours within 6 months.

This course includes our special AgentAdvice Advantage, which will help get your real estate career off to a great start by giving you access to free test prep provided by market leaders. 

The AgentAdvice Advantage also includes extras not available anywhere else including a money back guarantee if you fail the test, opportunities to connect with hiring brokerages, as well as a video library once you’ve received your license, that can help you get up-to-speed on real estate quicker.

Cancellation/Refund policy:

Agent Advice offers the best return policy available for this course. If you change your mind during the first 30 days after purchase, you’re able to contact us for a full refund (as long as you’re not more than 50% of the way finished). The AgentAdvice Advantage also offers a money back guarantee if you fail the test.