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Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller,May 10, 2022

Team,Job.,Photo,Young,Businessmans,Crew,Working,With,New,StartupReal estate is all about sealing deals, building leads, and maintaining long-term relationships. However, many real estate agents and brokers struggle with doing this and keeping up with their day to day tasks. Luckily, in today’s technology-oriented world, there are many tools, especially marketing tools that real estate agents who just got done with real estate school can use to help them manage their work, generate more business and stay on top of their performance. 

In this article, I’ll list a few marketing tools for real estate agents that I’ve found to help generate more leads and expand the business. 



Real Geeks

As a real estate agent, one of your main concerns is how to grow your business. The RealGeeks platform is a great way for agents to generate leads, track them, and ultimately increase their conversion rate to a sale. The software is designed to provide users with an easy to use interface and smooth search experience that will increase conversion rates and sales for real estate agents. One of the tools that RealGeeks offers that helps with this is their Facebook Marketing Tool and Lead Manager CRM. Through Facebook, RealGeeks helps agents get their name out there and create brand awareness. The CRM helps agents secure new leads and increase their business.



Another tool that helps you manage and nurture your contacts is Ixactcontact. They help with organizing your contacts, converting leads into clients, and even automate social media marketing. IXACT’s easy to use CRM for real estate agents helps brokerages manage work through task automation, appointment reminders, and real-time syncing with several major platforms. They also have a mobile app that helps agents manage leads, keep up with their marketing goals, and communicate with their teams wherever they are. All of these features ensure success for real estate agents by keeping your business organized and increasing the number of leads. 


Homes and Landagent-advice-H&L-image

As a real estate agent in a competitive industry, you need to have a proven marketing strategy to grow your business and your brand. Enter Homes & Land. Rather than competing against other agents, websites, or rating systems, their marketing platform combines digital and print marketing channels to connect your listings to eager home buyers and sellers. They can help grow your brand on both a local and national level by getting your listings the exposure they deserve. You’ll spend less time focused on marketing efforts and more time focused on managing your business operations.


KCM (Keeping Current Matters)

KCM is a paid membership site that includes real estate agents, brokers, and advisors. They help real estate professionals by taking the designing, social media posting, blog posting, and guide-creating off of the professionals’ backs to maximize engagement with clients and build leads. A membership with KCM offers a range of e-services that are mainly focused around daily personalized blog posts, buyer and seller guides, professional visuals, and monthly market updates. These features help agents stay up to date on the market and allows them to focus on generating new leads. 




The real estate market is continually expanding, and meeting clients’ demands become a challenge for a lot of agents. Propertybase is a real estate platform designed to provide real estate agents with a tool through which they can automatically manage their leads and contacts via lead routing, drip campaigns, and other tools. The main focus of their platform is pairing a configurable CRM, IDX website, and back-office management. Some of the features they provide agents with is lead generation, a marketing center, and a mobile app. All of these features are necessary for growing your business and maintaining your client base. 



It’s a well-known fact in the marketing world that inbound call leads have a much better conversion rate than online leads. However, they are also more challenging to respond to and track, which is a common issue for many real estate agents and brokers. CallAction is a software that helps mitigate these difficulties by automating the engagement of inbound calls in all marketing channels, as well as respond to inbound phone leads when you can’t take the calls personally. 


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