Cultivating Your Professional Brand on Social Media

Gary Ashton, Licensed AgentAugust 10, 2022

Social,Media,And,Marketing,Virtual,Icons,Screen,Concept.close,Up,OfTo succeed as a real estate agent, you need to have a strong online presence. Nowadays, that means using social media to develop a brand people know and trust. The abundance of online content can make it challenging to stand out, but using social media to showcase your unique value as an agent can enhance your marketing efforts and translate to revenue. 

Define Your Brand & Your Goals

What is a social media brand?

Your social media brand is how you are represented online. It’s more than what people see when they find your content online. Your brand is the collective story you tell about your professional identity on social media. It’s what makes your social media marketing efforts recognizable, memorable, and, most importantly, profitable.

It’s essential to take some time to define the goals of your social media brand before you start creating content.

A few examples of brand goals might include:

  • Increased followers, reach, and engagement
  • Bolstered website traffic
  • Improved lead development

These goals are a good starting point, but you’ll need to get more specific to supercharge your social strategy using a well-defined brand.

On the surface, your most prominent brand goal as a real estate agent should be to attract new clients and better serve them as they navigate the sales funnel. Your personal brand should take things a step further by clearly and consistently stating your one-of-a-kind purpose, value, and knowledge.

Your professional brand should be an expression of your authentic personality. At the same time, it should be a reflection of your clients, too. People should be able to relate to your brand’s interests and values.  

Choose the Best Social Platform For Your Area of Expertise

Belchatow,,Poland,-,August,31,,2014:,A,Social,Media,LogotypeThe first step to building your social media brand is to choose the social platform that will allow you to best showcase your area of expertise.

There are so many social media platforms to choose from, and new ones popping up all the time. It can be tough to keep up, let alone decide where you should focus your energies as a real estate agent.

The best platform for you will be the one where you can most effectively reach your target audience. Research the most popular social media platforms to find out which have been successful for other agents.

Facebook For Real Estate Agents

If you’re just starting with social media marketing, Facebook is a great platform to try out. With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook is by far one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Facebook works well for real estate agents by offering a little bit of everything. You share text updates, photos, videos, and links to articles or other websites. You can also join groups related to your industry, run ads, and even sell products or services directly on the platform.

Avoid using your personal Facebook profile for business purposes. Instead, create a Facebook Business Page for your real estate business. This will allow you to separate your personal and professional lives and give you access to special analytics tools.

Facebook can be a great way to promote your real estate blog, too. Try cementing your brand image within your network by posting a status every time you publish. Whether you’re covering first-time buying advice or highlighting unique properties in your city, getting more eyes on your blog can only help your brand.  

Facebook is best for nurturing relationships with people who already know you. Generally, people need to like your page or accept your friend request to see your content. Therefore, using Facebook alone isn’t the most effective way to cultivate your brand’s organic reach. 

LinkedIn For Real Estate AgentsChiang,Mai,,Thailand,,Jul,27,,2019,:,A,Women,Holds

LinkedIn should be a key component of every real estate agent’s social media strategy. Linkedin specializes in business-to-business marketing, meaning the platform is designed specifically for professional networking and lead generation. Users create profiles with their work history, education, and other relevant information that can help people see their professional lives at a glance.

What’s the benefit of LinkedIn for real estate agents?

You can connect with other professionals in the industry, join groups related to real estate, and share your own articles and blog posts. Networking with other real estate agents provides collaborative opportunities to solidify your brand identity. Furthermore, showcasing your experience and successes can help build trust with potential clients and generate leads on LinkedIn.

Instagram For Real Estate Agents

Instagram is a visually-driven social media platform with more than 1 billion users. The app is built around sharing photos and videos, which is perfect for showing off your newest listings.

Get creative with how you use photos and videos to really let your brand shine.

For example, if you specialize in luxury real estate, the theme of your Instagram feed should look glamorous and sleek. If you’re more focused on working with first-time home buyers, you can fill your feed with welcoming, educational content.

The Instagram algorithm invites users to discover new content on their Explore Pages. For this reason, some agents find that they can grow their organic reach more effectively with Instagram than with Facebook or LinkedIn. You can increase your odds of appearing on Explore Pages by researching your target audience, creating engaging posts, and using the right hashtags.

What Should I Post? Engaging Content With Consistent Messaging

Hilversum,,Netherlands,-,Februari,06,,2017:,Social,Media,Are,TrendingConsistent messaging and engaging content are your bread and butter when cultivating an effective brand.

Your content should tell stories, share information, and showcase properties that speak to your target audience. When you’re brainstorming content, prioritize brand authenticity over all else. Every post should be consistent with your brand’s overall message.

Share Client Quotes & Testimonials

Your client’s successes are your successes. There’s no better way to show off your brand than by sharing what your clients have to say about you.

Client quotes and testimonials can be used in many ways. On Instagram, you could share photos of happy buyers who just closed on their first home. Or, you could share a Facebook status that includes quotes from a seller you helped get the best price on their home.

Letting your clients speak for you can build your brand as the type of agent who goes the extra mile for their clients.

Easy-to-Read Graphs & Statistics

Your potential clients are busy people. They need insider information to help them make well-informed real estate decisions, and they probably don’t have the time or resources to get up-to-date data.

You can become their go-to source for real estate market updates by sharing graphs and statistics that are easy to understand. When you share this type of content, be sure to include a brief explanation of what the data means and how it affects your clients.

Custom Videos & Photos of Listed Homes 

Custom videos and photos are a great way to show off your skills as a real estate agent.

When you’re taking photos of listed homes, try to capture the feeling of the home. Most people start their home searches online, so your social media content should go above and beyond images they could find of homes on the Internet.

If you’re heavily investing in your social media brand, consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer.

Get Involved With Your FollowersKiev,,Ukraine,-,January,11,,2016:,Background,Of,Famous,Social

When it comes to an effective social media marketing strategy, engagement is more valuable than likes. You need to directly interact with your followers to increase engagement and boost your brand visibility.

The best way to get involved with your followers is by responding to their comments, sharing their content, and tagging them in your posts. The more you interact with your followers, the more likely they are to continue following you.

Additionally, most social media algorithms prioritize posts with high-engagement signals. If you take the time to chat with your followers, most platforms will keep your posts at the top of followers’ news feeds for longer.

Track Your Results

Don’t get lost in the dark when building your social media brand. Track your progress and analyze your results to see which content resonates with your followers.

Most social media platforms offer insights showing how many people see, interact, and share your content. Use this data to help you determine what type of content is most effective at growing your brand.

Your brand strategy will never be complete; it requires constant testing to fine-tune your messaging and keep up with ever-changing online trends. A/B testing is the easiest way to determine what is and isn’t working. 

As you track your results, remember to look at metrics outside of social media. No matter how many likes, follows, or viral posts you earn, the actual value of your brand can only be measured in the real world. If you’re generating leads and closing more transactions, your brand is doing what it should.

Build an Online Brand With Real-World Results

Creating a strong, consistent real estate brand is essential for real estate social media marketing. By defining your brand and its goals, choosing the best social platform for your area of expertise, creating engaging content with consistent messaging, getting involved with your followers, and tracking your results, you can set yourself apart from the competition and cultivate a following of loyal customers. Are you ready to create an online brand to help you succeed in the competitive real estate industry?

About the Author

Nashville real estate agent Gary Ashton started his career in real estate sales in 2001 and quickly became part of the top 1% of agents in the country. His team has also become the #1 real estate team with RE/MAX Advantage, which consists of more than 180 Nashville real estate agents.

Last Updated: 8/10/2022

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