Lofty (formerly known as Chime) Review 2024: Prices, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

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Let’s chat about one of the well-known all-in-one marketing solutions for real estate agents, and why they have become a “household” name. Then we’ll go over whether these guys should be synonymous with real estate marketing. 

Today I am going to give you a deep dive into Lofty (formerly known as Chime). 

Lofty is an all-in-one solution for real estate professionals marketing needs. They offer an intuitive CRM and a lead generation suite to take care of your lead gen efforts from start to finish.

In this review we’ll go over the important things you need to look for when picking a product that’s right for you, like the features, what other users are saying, pricing, and who will benefit the most from Lofty (and who won’t)..

Quick Summary of Lofty

Lofty’s main focus – driving more leads over the finish line for real estate agents. In addition to that you’ll get:  

  • A custom website 
  • Robust CRM
  • More “traditional” marketing tools 

To get those leads for you, Lofty offers quite a few lead gen options – PPC, SEO, Social Studio (their automated social media marketing), sphere of influence and a couple other creative solutions. A nice perk – Lofty helps you optimize all of this lead gen with competitive market analysis. 

Another thing Lofty prides itself on is their time-saving automation. The leads flow into the CRM, where the AI assistant will do all the automated nurturing for you. For team organization, Lofty’s CRM has automatic lead routing where you can assign leads based on price, location, source, or type. 

Clearly they have a lot of stuff for us to unpack, so let’s take a look at their highlight reel of features so you can decide if they have what you need.

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Lofty Features

Of all the features Lofty offers, there are some that shine brighter than others. I’m going to dive into those for you in this review. 

As we go through these features, I want to encourage you to really think about them in terms of what will, or will not, be helpful to you and your business specifically. Alright, let’s dive in.

Suite of Lead Insights and Forecasting

Chime Suite of Lead Insights

Lofty is all about getting into the mind of the lead to build a relationship through AI powered insights. They call the combo of all the tracking and insights in their CRM operational intelligence.

You’ll get lead scores, lead analysis, and smart suggestions to start. All of these are going to give you more insight into your leads activities, property info, how motivated they are etc. so you know when to nurture and what info to present. My favorite part is the lead score. It’s like having someone rate the leads on a scale of 1-10 for you. 

Their tracking of site users will show you what they’re interested in, and offer them listings that’ll fit that criteria. Another feature that I found  to be really cool is the communications analysis. It basically helps you tailor your conversations to your leads to make them flow more smoothly.  

Having all of that info and insight into the leads is great, but sometimes it’s nice to see how you’re doing as well. That’s why Lofty’s forecasting algorithm stands out – it tracks historical trends along with your performance to evaluate your progress. Perfect for teams to see how everyone’s doing, too. 

Fun fact: You can add business goals for the team/individual agents and track them through closings, lead volume, commissions and revenue.  

Why it’s useful: I look at these features as the work smarter not harder suite. All of the insights and tracking are a great way to make you more efficient without you having to do the leg work, which is great when you’re a busy agent.

Automated Lead Nurturing 

Chime Lead NurturingAnything automated is always a plus in my book, and I have to say in this department Lofty doesn’t disappoint. You’ll basically get to “auto” everything: 

  • Import leads from multiple sources 
  • Property alerts 
  • Market analysis
  • Match the listing to the lead with the MLS and their search criteria. 

These things may sound simple, but the time it takes away to do them yourself will add up. 

An important part of your success will be streamlining communication, which is why I always look to see if a platform has a solution for this.  I am happy to say, Lofty does offer you a solution here.  Their automation and AI assistant sets you up with  texting (directly and in mass texts), auto-triggered emails (bonus, you can integrate all of your accounts from other providers so emails are in one place), and calls. 

It may or may not be worth it to you, but Lofty offers an AI assistant  as an affordable add-on feature that helps with your automation. It’s triggered by lead engagement and sends out a showing or appointment request automatically. 

Added benefit: used as a chatbot it keeps an eye on lead behavior to intuitively text them, 

The lead nurture set up lets you  do short or long term nurturing. You can also mix it up and nurture by birthdays, or on the holidays etc. I know not everyone trusts the prebuilt options to get their voice, and if you are one of those people, you can create your own drip campaign template with a content library there to help you. 

Why it’s useful: You get the leads warm so you don’t have to jump in until you’re actually needed. Plus, its intuitive nature also helps make sure the communication is going at the right time, so you aren’t frustrating clients.

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Power Dialer  

Chime Power Dialer

I am sure you’re sensing a theme with my review here – take the repetitive tasks off my plate please. A power dialer is another way to save time. You just click to call the leads until you get someone, leave pre-recorded voicemails, schedule your follow-ups, and leave notes for the leads. You get a live transfer to you or available agents on your team when a call goes through. 

You can either make your own call lists for the dialer, or use the AI assistant to do it for you. The latter will determine your list based on if the leads are at a point where they need to be contacted. Plus, you’ll get scripting help for the call to help increase your success. Plus, Plus, it’s a 3 line dialer, so it’s calling three numbers at one time to really maximize efficiency. 

Just as you ignore numbers you don’t know, you too will probably be ignored sometimes. So, in order to let the potential clients know they should reach back out, you can have a text or voice message set up to automatically go out to those unanswered calls. This is important because without it you are missing out on a lot of potential clients. 

Why it’s useful:  Whether the leads you get are solid or not, you need to reach out to know, but that requires more time than you have. This is going to help you reach out to all of them without actually having to do it yourself so you don’t miss out, but also can be more efficient with your time.

Social Studio 

Chime Social Studio

Social Studio is Market Leader’s automated (yes, more automation) social media marketing tool. It’s simple…for you that is. This smart feature allows you to post to all of your social media platforms from one spot. You can also create automatic listing videos (that you don’t have to edit may I add). 

Here’s the cool thing, once you or your team’s listings sync from the MLS, all of your social channels that you integrated will automatically get posts for these. I really liked that you can also get new posts automatically ready to go out for any new status changes for a listing. That’s going to save you time, and keep your info current/top of mind for potential clients. You can have all your social content go straight to your website as well. 

Why it’s useful: IMO social media can be a necessary evil sometimes. This tool helps simplify social marketing, but also make it more effective by guiding you on what you should be putting out there so you can focus on actually selling.

Customizable Websites 

Chime Customizable website

Lofty prides themselves on their websites, and honestly, I can see why. They are aesthetically pleasing and high performing. 

Plus, their CMS really ups your game by making it super easy to create a custom website. 

They have nationwide MLS feeds to keep your listings up to date, and accurate. You can even add your own off-market listings. The websites also offer things like a mortgage calculator, home evaluations, and other lead engaging options. 

A bonus is their websites are SEO focused while still being customizable. One of the surprising/impressive things to me is how easy the editing is given all the custom options.. That often makes it too complicated and hard, but Lofty has done a good job of giving you tons of options in a user-friendly way.

Why it’s useful: Your website is a reflection of your brand, so you definitely want a say in it, but being a real estate agent doesn’t necessarily equal being a website developer. This way you can make the website your own, but quickly and easily, not like building an Ikea dresser. 

Closely App

Chime Closely app

First thing I like about this is that no matter what subscription you choose, you get access to the app. The app itself has some cool features. 

For starters you can send push notifications to your clients for things like new listings they may like, or open houses. You can also chat with clients through the app with messaging/calls, which is nice to keep the conversation in an easy-to-use place. 

Beyond the communication, their Closely app will give you analytics on your clients to help you know what they are really interested in. For the clients looking to buy, it gives location based search for listings and loan recommendations. Typically, if you want to buy you also need to sell, so the app will give them an updated home value plus trends in home valuations. 

Fun Fact – for an upgrade you can customize your app to fit your branding and style.

Why it’s useful: You’re likely on-the-go more than not, so an app is always a helpful feature if it actually offers the right features. It’ll keep everything in one place, and this one offers insights for you to work with your clients better, plus helpful info for the client.

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Lofty Pricing

Lofty has 3 main packages to choose from – Core, Premier, and Enterprise. They also have tons of add-ons you can pay extra for. While you need to speak with a Lofty rep to get exact pricing, we can go over some average pricing. While they are not the most expensive option, they definitely aren’t the cheapest either. Let’s look at the breakdown in cost of these packages. 

  • Core. Their Core package is the lowest price starting at $449 + $15/seat/month + $500 one-time activation fee (keep in mind there are often discounts you can leverage). In this package you’ll get everything that comes with Lofty (CRM, lead gen, website, and tons of features), minus external listing tools. 
  • Premier. This package is geared towards teams. It starts around $700 a month + $1000 one-time set-up. You get 15 users and if you want to add more it’ll cost you $25 extra month per user. You’ll get the CRM, lead gen, websites, and all of the add-on options, but the CMA, Social Studio, and AI assistant are included. 
  • Enterprise. This is Lofty’s big dog, geared towards large teams and brokerages. Naturally it costs more. It starts roughly around $1500 a month and you get up to 100 users. The one time setup fee is $2000, and if you want additional users it’ll be an extra $12 a month per user. This package gets you everything, plus add-on options. 

Again, these prices are more of an average since you really need to work with Lofty directly to get the pricing for the package+add-ons that you need. 

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Biggest Pros

Now for the fun stuff – the perks Lofty offers. They’ve got a lot going for them like their automation and customization options, they are full-featured, mobile-first technology, easy-to-use, and automated social media marketing. Let’s break these down. 

They are highly automated and customizable.

As I have mentioned numerous times, Lofty really brings it in the automation department. They’ve really focused on time-saving features throughout everything they offer. More importantly, while saving you time they haven’t taken away the ability to customize, so your branding is reflected, and any specific needs you have are met. 

There are tons of features. 

Lofty has really packed in the features. There is a solution for just about everything, which gives you tons of flexibility. You don’t really need to find any external solutions to combine with Lofty because they cover all of your bases. 

It’s easy-to-use.

Even with all the features Lofty offers, they’ve made their offerings pretty easy to use. This is the best combo – lot’s of choices, but not so complicated that you can’t actually benefit from them. It helps that once you set most things up it is on auto-pilot with all of their automation options

Their automated social media marketing is top notch.  

Yes, this is kind of a sub pro to automation overall, but it’s worth pointing out because it’s not common. Social media marketing is common, yes. But, having it automated the way Lofty has done is not common in this space and it’s very helpful. 

Biggest Cons

Everything has its drawbacks, but I have to say Lofty’s pros list outweighs it’s cons. That being said, there are still some cons we should note. Namely, the initial learning curve due to all of those features, and the price. 

There’s a learning curve.

While Lofty is easy to use overall, there’s still a learning curve that comes with all those features we love. In order to get the most out of Lofty you’ll want to take some time in the beginning to really learn how to use all of the tools, and get them set up to work for you with the automation. 

It does come with a higher price tag. 

This may not be a problem for some, but others may find the price associated with Lofty to be a little steep. Especially if you want to take advantage of the add-ons, it can really increase your monthly budget. 


Who’s Lofty best for?

Lofty can be used by individual agents, teams and brokers, but there are some categories of people within those that will benefit more than others. Now let’s pull out some of those categories, and you can see if you fall into any of them. 

It’s great for high volume individual agents.

This is one of the only ways Lofty makes much sense for individual agents. High volume agents typically have a higher budget, and have been around the block so they can more easily adjust to learning how to use all of Lofty’s tools. 

It’s great for teams that are ready to grow and need help getting organized.

Lofty’s tools will set a team up for success on the backend with all of their customization that can be done to make it work for specific team needs. Once you’ve learned all the tools the automation will allow you and your team to focus on closing the deals and growing your business. 

It’s great for teams and brokerages that want one platform to fulfill all of their needs.

Lofty has you covered beginning to end, and for the price you’ll want to get as much out of them as possible. Brokerages and teams that don’t want to integrate with other platforms, and do want one solution, are a great fit for Lofty.  

Who’s it not good for?

While everyone can use Lofty, should they? Probably not. Like any platform, there are a few categories of people that will not benefit as much as others from their services. In this case, there aren’t many, but let’s go over the few. 

It’s not that great for individuals starting out.

Lofty may take too much ramp up time and too much money, both of which you may not have if you are starting out and building your business on your own. While Lofty is best for teams and brokerages, it can also help high volume solo agents, but will be too much for the newbies. 

It’s not that great for teams wanting something basic.

For some people more is less. Lofty has a ton of features, and for teams that want to keep it simple this may be overwhelming, or a distraction to them. 


What other users say

I’ve given you my 2 cents on Lofty, but let’s see what everyone else is saying. By and large people are satisfied with Lofty. On major review sites they don’t hit a star rating below a 3.9 (which is pretty awesome). 

People are happy with the  ease of use they offer, and called out many of the intuitive features they were glad Lofty offered. Specifically, the data shared with them for teams along with the AI assistant. 

The one comment that didn’t line up from review to review, was the customer support. Some seemed very pleased while others were hoping for more. I will say, customer service is often a high-low topic in reviews for any service. 

It was encouraging to see that our take on Lofty’s platform and offerings seems to be pretty inline with what others have experienced. The features seem to have won over quite a few users, especially in comparison to other competitors’ feature options.


Lofty Alternatives

There are obviously quite a few players in this space, but only a handful that’re top contenders. If you fell into one of the “maybe shouldn’t play to pay” with Lofty categories, take a look at some of these alternatives. 

  • Top Producer. If price was a concern, Top Producer is a little more budget-friendly. You won’t get as many avenues for the lead generation side, but they do cater more to solo agents.   
  • Real Geeks. If you liked what Lofty offered, but you flying solo as an agent or with a smaller team, Real Geeks could be a good fit for you. They have a good full-featured CRM and lead gen options.  
  • CINC. This one is an alternative mostly going to be based on your preference. In terms of features and price they are pretty comparable to Lofty, but will have some key differences as you dive into all of the details. 
  • Follow Up Boss. If you have the lead gen covered, and the CRM part of Lofty is the most enticing, but you don’t want the learning curve, Follow Up Boss might be a good alternative. They are not an all-in-one solution, but you can integrate your other tools and benefit from their robust CRM. 
  • Sierra Interactive. They are another pretty comparable alternative in terms of what they offer, but they have a strong SEO focus, which is different from others. They are a great option if you are a smaller team or indy brokerage. 

The Final Verdict

I have to say overall Lofty’s a solid platform that people really seem to like. They’re a good option for you if you’re a team or brokerage looking for an all-in-one solution and are ready to pay for quality. The only people I would say should maybe look at some alternatives are solo agents that just aren’t built up enough yet to justify the price. 

I would recommend diving deeper into their pricing by talking to one of their team members and making sure you understand the total cost once you customize the package with add-ons. Seeing how they stack up next to some alternatives in a more detailed way may help as well. 


About the Author

Jim Gray got licensed in 2013 and sold 57 houses in his first year. Over the next 6 1/2 years he went on to sell 437 homes with a small team. He went on to manage the lead generation department of the 13th largest expansion team at Keller Williams and designed lead generation and conversion systems for 60 agents in 7 locations in 4 states that drove 600 home sales in a 2 year period. Jim currently does real estate team development and coaching for some of the largest real estate teams in the country.

Last Updated: 12/29/2023