Recent Real Estate Success Stories To Be Proud Of


No matter where you get your real estate license, there are always struggles for the first few months. This is a tough industry to gain your bearings, which is why it’s so exciting when the successes start to roll in. Agents experienced or brand new can listen to these recent tips and tricks, and learn from them.

Knowing when to follow conventional wisdom and when to pursue new tactics will help you create a successful real estate outcome from the very beginning of your career.

These industry titans have figured out how to navigate the ins and outs of the current real estate market. If you’re looking for inspiration, read about some of their most recent real estate wins!


Mark Choey (1)Mark Choey is founder of HighNote, a new real estate pitching platform for real estate teams and their agents, and formerly of Climb Real Estate group, a San Francisco indie brokerage known for lead-edge tech and marketing (acquired by Realogy) and personally was the #2 condo agent in all of San Francisco.

“The real estate market is always ebbing and flowing. I started my career during the height of the previous market boom (in 2005-2007), survived and thrived through The Great Recession and housing crash in 2008-2009 and built a billion-dollar real estate brokerage from the ashes of 2009 – Climb Real Estate.

Each year brings a new lesson, and as we wrap up a crazy 2021 and get ready for 2022, you need to get ready for supercharging your 2022. Exhausted buyers and no inventory were the themes of 2021 and unless things change, it looks like it will continue to be the trend for 2022. Therefore after the New Year, you need to find where all the coming listings are and FAST before they hit the market because once they come to market, it will probably sell quickly. Network with agents, get your buyers ready to pounce! If you are a listing agent, you need to win listings, and that’s where a killer digital listing sales process is critical. If you haven’t gone digital, you need to. You really need a digital PRE-listing presentation that flat out wins deals before the face-to-face appointment.

Happy selling!”


Zdenek-Tronicek-scaledZdenek Tronicek has had his California real estate license for more than three years. Tronicek is one of the Team Leaders of YHSGR (Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty) who is based in Los Angeles, California and here is what he has to share about his recent success:

“May 1 2020 when I received my first check in YHSGR. It was a check for $6,000 on a deal with Michelle Leonardi in Pomona where I brought one investor from credit cards debt. Those times were tough, mentally especially. I was sitting and working in the office for long hours trying to break through, my wife was asking me if I knew what I was doing because for that last year and half I depleted most of our savings we had.
I’d never imagined 12 months later I would have made $190,000 since. But the main reason I’m sharing all of this is not for showing how much money I made. It’s actually to share the idea of not giving up and who started in the company at entry level with minimum wages and now a few years later they are making great money and are a huge as hear more and often from these guys to follow their example.”



headshot (4)Beckie Nielson of San Diego-based Willis Allen Real Estate. She has experienced so much in her 12 years in the real estate industry and shares a story below:

“Being a Realtor in California for the last twelve years has had its fair share of ups and downs. However, these last 18 months take the cake on the most “interesting and tough”. With the increased amount of buyer demand and sellers holding back on listing their homes, it became rather difficult to get some offers to stick, especially in certain areas and price points. I was recently working with a newly married couple who were first-time home buyers and also relocating and moving out of state. We saw homes every weekend multiple days for 3 months and wrote 8 offers. By offer 9 we were finally able to get into a contract with a seller and the home is everything and more than they were looking for. Keeping in mind that in a normal market I typically average one to three written offers at most to get into contract with a Seller. It goes to show that hard work and being persistent can ultimately pay off for your clients. You just have to help to keep your clients motivated while keeping yourself motivated and simply keep going.”



paul g lykins headshotPaul G. Lykins is a prominent realtor for KW Innovations in the Ft. Lauderdale area. After years of holding his Florida real estate license, Lykins found a new, innovative way to find interested clients:

“I recently helped my buyer close on a $750,000  luxury home in Coral Springs, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale Area). The cool thing about this client is he found me on my YouTube channel. I have been making videos about living in Palm Beach County for about 4 years and this client had been watching my videos for a while and then reached out to me. The videos have been a great asset to my business, this year has been my most successful year in 9 years as an agent and now I am being asked to speak to new agents about how to get leads through video. Just yesterday I met a new couple from Houston who watched one of my videos the day before flying to Miami because they are looking to buy a vacation condo. They had other agents who they had spoken to but after meeting me and telling me they liked who I was on video and in person they wanted me to write up an offer on the condo. I make a new video each week and it has been the most fun and best way to attract clients who really want to work with me.”



Kimo QuanceKimo Quance is the real estate broker & owner of The Kimo Quance Group. He has years of experience in the industry and grown to become one of San Diego’s most prominent realtors.

“The present market of real estate is hotter than ever providing the seller an upper hand. Recently I found a few clients who were having trouble buying a new home within the range of their budget. To help them get a suitable home in their preferable budget I suggested they look for the homes which were sitting in the market over 40 days and make a list but put down all the homes which were sitting in the market over 60-70 days. Fortunately, they found enough homes after looking for more than one week and were able to bid for their preferred home. And as the homes were not sold for enough days and having no other competitor, it was easy to close the deal within the budget of my clients even in this hot market climate.”



gerrid smith headshotGerrid Smith, CEO & Founder of Property Tax Loan Pros, says his biggest piece of advice is to understand your clients’ needs and then meet them.

“It’s natural in real estate to focus all of your efforts on closing sales or making purchases, because that’s what you think your consumers want. Actually, this isn’t the case at all. Customer details and answers are in high demand, and if you provide them, they’ll remember and suggest you to their friends. Attend as many real estate continuing education and professional development classes as you can if you want to become an expert. It’s also important to learn from your mistakes, so keep a journal of what you’ve learned from consumers and your broker.

Also, see if you can find someone in another industry who understands more than you do about a particular subject. Encourage your customers to ask any questions they may have by providing them with expert advice. You can also use social media or emails to share your knowledge, or ask if you can write a column for a local newspaper or an online magazine or a realty publication to showcase your expertise and knowledge. When you capture email addresses and follow up with good material, live information sessions or webinars can generate leads. It’s easy to see how a real estate agent with a reputation for knowing everything is a good bet.”



khari washington headshot (1)Khari Washington is a broker and owner of 1st United Realty & Mortgage. He’s been a broker and realtor for over 13 years, he’s also been a real estate investor and a flipper for over a decade.

“Recently I was able to help a family member buy their first property. They had been renting for years. The Los Angeles area is very expensive and they didn’t know when they would be able to buy but we rolled up our sleeves and found them a house to fix up. I helped them with some closing costs with my commission. Seeing them enjoying their new home has brought great joy to my career.”



ben s headshotBen Souchek is both an agent with eXp Realty as well as a home buyer for 7DaysCash.  Souchek has been a home buyer for 24 years and an agent for approximately 15 years. He is licensed in Nebraska and Missouri.

“One of my recent wins was helping a downsizing couple that were moving out of their house and moving in with one of their adult children’s families.  

They had a bad experience with a “wholesaler” that said they wanted to buy their house, but then just tried to flip the contract.  Wholesalers are becoming more and more of a problem to sellers.

When that didn’t work the couple called me.  I gave them a proposal to both list as well as purchase their house.  They decided that having my company buy their house was the option they liked best.

We closed in less than a week, and they were extremely happy with the results.”

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Chris Heller brings 27 years of experience in real estate. Chris serves on the AgentAdvice Editorial Board and is the Chief Real Estate Officer at OJO Labs. Chris brings deep expertise having held influential industry positions including CEO of mellohome and former CEO of Keller Williams Realty International.

Last Updated: 12/1/2022