Real Estate Etiquette Made Simple

Chris Heller,November 19, 2020

Time: Buyers allow yourself plenty of time to meet with your Realtor. It is okay to be a little early.  

Pit Stop: Before you leave to view homes make a pit stop. Many homes do not have the water on or homeowners may not be comfortable with strangers using their facilities. 

Food: Do not enter a home with food and drink in your hand.

Shoes: Wear shoes that do not hold dirt.

Your Companion Pets: Pets, unless they are medically prescribed, should be left with a sitter.

Appointments: Make an appointments. Sellers in residence deserve time to prepare. It is a safety measure. Real Estate agencies keep a record of who enters all property.

Showings:  Showings are like restaurant reservations…there is usually a 10 to 15 minute window either way. Some homes take time to digest. Buyers should not be rushed. Sellers be patient if the showing runs late. It is difficult to stay on schedule, somehow most Realtors do an amazing job of it….

Wait your turn: If a Realtor is in the process of showing a home when you and your Realtor arrive, wait your turn to show even if the unit is vacant.

Respect: Never knock on a door unannounced. Have a confirmed appointment. A sign on the front lawn is not an invitation to knock on the door unannounced and expect to see a property. Sellers are entitled to notice. This is a safety factor.

Tour: Let your agent be your guide. If you are a couple do not wander in different directions….Keep your children by your side. Your Realtor will know the high points of the home and is there to provide you with good information.  

Personal Items: Do not go into seller private property aka looking into the furniture. Limit your investigation to closets and cabinets. 

Pets: Beware of the seller’s pets. I love pets, dogs especially but keep in mind, to that dog we are a stranger on their property. Do not approach the seller’s pets no matter how much animals like you.

Sellers be invisible: Sellers are to encourage to leave during showings, if they can. It is difficult for buyer to view the home and speak honestly with the Realtor in front of the seller. When the seller is present most buyers rush through the home because they feel uncomfortable. 

Contractors: Many buyers will want to get estimates for flooring or paint contractors once they are in contract…if the home is empty it is just a matter of their agent making an appointment and accompanying the tradesmen. If the home is occupied it would be best to wait until the unit is appraised and all are confident the transaction is going forward.

Conversation: If the owner is present for showings watch what you say. What you feel is just conversation may be interpreted as insulting. There is nothing gained by insulting the seller. If the home is not for you….it is not for you. Your agent will give your feedback. 

Cameras: Many homes have cameras. In my state that should be disclosed…but just assume the home has a camera and behave accordingly.

This is Mary Lou Ciambriello with Wendy Wilson’s RE/MAX Associated Realty passing on what my wise mother taught me. “Good manners are always in fashion and cost nothing.”  

Mary Lou Ciambriel

Mary has been thriving in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. After decades of owning and operating a family-run restaurant, Mary decided it was time for a change. That’s when she decided to get her Florida real estate license and focus on buying and selling homes in the Vero Beach area.


Last Updated: 6/10/2022



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