Highlighting Phenomenal Women in the Real Estate Industry

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Phenomenal Women In The Real Estate Industry


Women in the real estate industry, or any other industry, often feel underestimated and potentially treated unequally compared to their male counterparts. However, the impact they have on the real estate industry is becoming more evident and greater by the day. 

There are so many amazing women working in the real estate industry, and they deserve a bit of praise for what they do. While we would love to highlight all the amazing ladies in the industry, that may take a few blog articles, so we are going to start by shining a spotlight on 10 of these incredible women. 


Kayla Crugnale 

kayla crugnale headshotKayla is a real estate advisor in the Greater Boston Real Estate Market. Her niche market is helping women build their real estate portfolio and accomplish the rewarding achievement of buying homes on their own. She acts as a community concierge to her clients and potential clients giving them all the inside scoop of hot new restaurants, events, shopping, and all the real estate knowledge they need. On top of that she likes to highlight women who are doing amazing things in their careers, entrepreneurs and corporate queens, giving them the space to share their stories and celebrate all that they are doing to pave their own way.
She helps home buyers and home sellers with all of their real estate needs. She’s been working in the greater Boston real estate market for the last 6 years.







Melanie Sauls Magee

melanie sauls magee headshotShe worked for decades as a teacher but always dreamed of being a realtor and finally took the leap a few years ago. She works for Coldwell Banker in Plano, TX. In an industry that can sometimes be ageist and/or sexist she flourished right out of the gate ranking in the top 1-3 realtors in her area within the first year.
More importantly, she is the kind of realtor that is increasingly difficult to find that focuses only on a couple clients at a time to ensure she’s exhausting all potential options for them and has the time to dedicate to their search or sale of their home. The homebuying process is incredibly personal and she is invested in it with her buyers and sellers like it’s her own home/search.
As a teacher, she makes it her job to be patient and educate her clients throughout the process making them feel so taken care of and confident in one of the biggest financial moves they’ll make in their life.
Her reviews on Zillow really say it all:
She is organized, professional, responsive, smart, and our advocate.  She looked out for our family’s best interest with the seller, funders, and all the issues that arose because of the winter storm.
As a first time owner, it can be intimidating to know where/ how to start in the process. Melanie helped answer all questions and got everything we wanted (plus a couple of unexpected items). She is very knowledgeable, sweet and patient.

Jenn Reinhardt 

Jennifer-Reinhardt-headshotJenn not only has more than 17 years of experience, but she has an exceptional personal story. She is a single mom that has used real estate investing to get out of debt and fund the medical needs of her daughter. She now hosts a free monthly webinar “Women’s Real Estate Investment Hour” for women across the country teaching them her insight into buy and hold investing, all for free and with no obligation to use Atlas.

At Atlas Real Estate Jenn specializes in finding clients off market deals in all markets (Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Colorado Springs & Tucson) that line up with their individual long-term financial goals. Jenn is a Rockstar not only for Atlas, but in the industry at large.





Holly Meyer Lucas 

holly meyer lucasI sold a $28M home in Palm Beach two days ago and a $10M home in Old Palm (here in Jupiter)   Palm Beach is dominated by older, white men who are good-ole-boy brokers so these sales are fairly unique.  We were completely ourselves throughout the entire transaction which was a fresh take on luxury real estate in our area.)
My husband played baseball for 14 years and I take great pride in having built my business running parallel to his playing career.  Having said that, the majority of my personal clients tend to be athletes’ wives, which adds another layer of the female empowerment identity that we have here. Most people don’t know how strong, smart, charitable, and amazing athletes’ wives can be.
I’ve always maintained that being sexy doesn’t sell and also being “masculine” as a substitute for being “professional” doesn’t sell.  Being authentic, learning the market, and being smart is what being a female leader in real estate means to me.
The Meyer Lucas Team has sold $150M in the last year. I’ve been in the business for 6 years. Started my team after 2 months, realizing I love to train, mentor, and help women like myself transition their careers into real estate.




Jess Shipwash 

jess shipwash headshotI am not your typical “we buy houses” investment company that you see on every street corner. When I started my company, I knew I truly wanted to make a difference in the real estate sector and my community. In addition to real estate investing, I am a registered nurse with a passion for helping people, so I wanted that to translate over into real estate. Unfortunately, many of the “we buy houses” companies in my area are just looking to rip people out of their houses as cheaply as possible and not deal with them if they don’t want to sell their house. I want to help people regardless if they sell me their house or not. That was my avenue to being different and exceptional. It came with an opportunity cost. I spend several hours helping distressed homeowners through whatever situation they may be in, including financial distress and divorce. But, I have also gotten so many referrals from those same people that have allowed my business to grow!
You rarely see someone in this industry truly give back. I wanted to change that. Unlike many companies, I don’t operate on a national scale. We stay in the community we live in, which is East Tennessee. I am also working to grow my business to the point I can begin giving large donations to St. Judes Children Research hospital. Being in the medical field, it has always warmed my heart to see what they do as a hospital, and if I can do something to contribute more to them financially, I will!
I have been in real estate for two years. Over these two years, my business has grown tremendously. I am still a registered nurse. It will be difficult for me to ever walk away from helping people in the medical field, but if I can have the opportunity to hand a successful business over to my son, I will do anything in my power to do so!


Antonique Napoles 

antonique napolesAntonique works as a Real Estate Agent in the Hudson County Area with Trompeter Real Estate. Antonique provides all forms of Real Estate Services ranging from Buying, Selling, Renting, Commercial Real Estate and more. Antonique’s honesty, integrity and exceptional knowledge in the Local Real Estate Market makes her an exceptional agent. She has been in real estate for 10 years and has provided services in various parts of NJ. The Clients love her knowledge of the area, her experience in handling difficult situations and her lovable personality.

In Antoniques words, “I help them feel at ease with making the biggest purchase of their life. I tell my clients to leave the worrying up to me”.

Antonique is also the recipient of ‘NJ Realtors circle of excellence Sales Award Silver’ for the year 2018, 2019 and 2020. One of her Clients said “Antonique was great! Her insider knowledge helped us land a dream apartment in a wonderful complex! She was quick, responsive and kept us apprised of everything that was happening. If you are looking in Jersey City, she is the way to go.


Anna Lyon 

anna lyon headshotAnna is hard working, knowledgeable, and all around bad a$$ when it comes to operating our business. We own and operate Cowtown Home Buyers, a real estate investment company that specializes in buying, renovating, and selling or renting properties throughout Fort Worth, TX. While her title is officially Owner/Operator and Chief Designer, she plays an integral role in finding properties, working with sellers, and making sure the properties we buy and renovate are perfect for our end occupants.







Jennifer Gale

jennifer gale headshotJennifer is a top Real Estate agent in the Oxford County area. With over 15 years of experience, she is ready to assist you in your home buying, selling or renting plans. Jennifer also operates a full Property Management Company where you buy the investment home and she will find you the perfect renter. Knowing the whole process can be overwhelming, Jennifer is committed to helping you every step of the way. This includes recommending and setting you up with mortgage specialists and lawyers, once you have found the perfect home or buyer! Jennifer Gale and her team offer a variety of options to help you get into a house. Do you want a house that is brand new? Dreaming of owning a house, however, bank financing is getting in your way? We have many rentals available and I am sure we have the perfect one for you. If you are searching for an investment property, we will do the work for you and find you the perfect renter.



Dayna Campbell 

dayna campbell headshotA quintessential “Valley Girl”, Dayna Campbell was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She was active in many sports and activities throughout her youth, exposing her to a variety of valley communities. Realizing her knack for organization and attention to detail, she started her professional career working in the entertainment industry and after just a few short years, was planning large-scale events for both corporate and social clients, traveling the world for everything from weddings to trade shows.

After building a family of her own, Dayna returned to her strong knowledge of the Los Angeles area and began selling real estate, which she has done since 2015. She credits her event planning expertise for her ability to multi-task and her travel experiences for her ability to work with a variety of personalities and business styles. These invaluable skills make her an asset to both a Buyer and Seller during a real estate transaction.


Justine Chan 

justine chen headshotJustine is a licensed real estate agent who founded her own real estate education platform inspired by her first home buying experience in New York City.

Initially excited to find a place to call her own, the convoluted process eventually exasperated and overwhelmed her. Even worse, she discovered that there were little to no resources catering to single female home buyers though they make up 17% of total home buyers, and purchase at double the rate of single male home buyers.

Armed with newly-found experience and determined to make a change, she created Live with Plum to provide a much-needed educational and empowerment platform to help women achieve their home buying and personal finance goals through real estate.

Today, Live with Plum reaches tens of thousands of viewers monthly and has been featured in publications like The New York Times, Next Advisor by Time and Business Insider. LWP was also nominated for the Plutus Awards for Best Real Estate Content in 2020.

Justine has shared her expertise with women around the world and empowered them throughout their own home buying journeys.


Jessica Carro 

jessica carro headshotOne of the many things that make Jessica an exceptional agent is that she cares about the needs of her clients. Her clients know that she is always looking out for their best interests above anything else. Along with her knowledge and negotiation skills, Jessica has a very outgoing personality and connects well with everyone.

One of her clients said, “I had a great experience with Jessica. She is knowledgeable, always quick to respond and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a place.

She is a Jersey City native serving buyers and sellers with exceptional knowledge, confidence and style for nearly a decade now. She grew up in a family of brokers and investors who taught her the ins and outs of the Jersey City home buying and selling, making her versed in the Local Real Estate market since childhood.



Lauren Cohen 

Lauren-Cohen HeadshotOne of the women that prove that women can succeed in a highly competitive, male-dominated area of real estate – investing is Lauren Cohen. She is not only an amazing lawyer licensed in both Canada and the US, she’s also a real estate investing professional for both countries. Lauren and her team help businesses raise capital, assist franchises seeking additional franchisees in the form of foreign investors, and work with foreign investors seeking access to the U.S. markets.

Lauren is pushing the boundaries each day and proving that women are not only amazing real estate agents, but can also multitask between several industries. She’s a #1 bestselling author and a public speaker. Her knowledge and wealth of information are to be admired which is why she is one of the most sought-after professionals for real estate investors.

As the founder of the website e-Council Inc and Creative Real Estate Academy, Lauren is proving the real estate world can be run by powerful, dedicated women.




Sharlys Leszczuk

sharlys headshotAlthough the residential real estate space is better-represented by women, the commercial real estate and technology industries are not. As a young professional who is early on in her career, Sharlys Leszczuk is working at the cross-section of two industries dominated by men, which can be intimidating, but that doesn’t stop her from charging forward. 

As a millennial, Sharlys can offer a unique perspective on gender equality in the workplace because each subsequent generation that enters the workforce comes from a more equal, balanced, and diverse upbringing. When entering the workforce for the first time, this incites a sort of “culture shock” that can be discouraging to young women because there are very few women in the spotlight to “look up to”.  

“I think what makes me unique is what makes the millennial generation unique — we will not stand for inequality in terms of job opportunities, salaries, and healthcare practices. We also are not afraid to speak out about inequality that exists in the form of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, appearance, accent, or race,” Sharlys says. 

She is currently the Account Supervisor, Digital Liaison professional at Antenna Group


Deni Supplee 

Deni-Supplee HeadshotOne woman that has experienced everything from the industry and has paved the path for many young real estate agents is Deni Supplee, licensed Realtor, property manager, and the co-founder of SparkRental.com. With over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry, Deni brings a holistic mindset to real estate, all about how building income from rental properties can change your life for the better.

Throughout her career, she has taught hundreds of people and real estate agents the art of real estate investment, building passive income, property management, and automating rental management. Thanks to her selfless teaching, a lot of people have found success in real estate an