Agents Share Their Favorite Stories About Working With Clients

Chris Heller HeadshotChris Heller,October 1, 2021

Handhake,After,Signing,Contract,With,African,American,Real,Estate,AgentThe job of a real estate agent is an amazing one. Sometimes, some of the most remarkable things happen on the job. Some of these are happy memories that will live with us for the rest of our lives. At the same time, others give us reasons to love the job as much as we can. The best part is, every real estate agent has their favorite story about clients whether they just earned their real estate license and starting their career, or they have a wealth of experience in the industry.  

We recently had a discussion with some real estate experts, asking them to share their favorite experiences with clients. Their responses were genuinely hilarious and unique. Read on to find out what these real estate agents had to say about their experiences.   


Dealing With a Client With a Lucky Number

Suzi-Dailey HeadshotSuzi Dailey works for Realty ONE Luxe Group, and has had her California real estate license for 15 years. Suzi shares her incredible experience with a celebrity who believes in lucky numbers.

“One of the most serendipitous sales was to a famous musician who has always believed he has lucky numbers. I had shown properties to him and his wife each time they were in town for about 18 months. Then they would leave, and months would go by.”

“Eventually, he ended up buying a home and the address was his lucky number, and the price was his lucky number! It also turned out to be one of my listings – $11M. The home had also been used as a Philharmonic showhouse benefiting music, which seemed appropriate for him as he is so successful in the music industry,” said Dailey.

“I also sold a home that was owned by a Greek shipping magnate’s son. I sold it to a Dubai-based family. They later flew me to the United Arab Emirates twice as their guest, and they remain very dear friends to me,” she said.


A Tale Of Eight In A ShowerTierney Headshot

Bill Tierney of Coastal Countryside Properties in Massachusetts shares his favorite story about a client.  

“One day a few years ago, I was previewing a multi-million dollar home in a fancy part of town as part of my listing presentation process. While the seller (a female) showed me the home she wanted to sell.” 

“When we got to the master suite, it had a large walk-in shower with several heads. Then she proceeds to tell me, “one night, we had eight people in there” Well, what do you say to that? I always laugh about it now,” said Tierney.


 An Unexpected Happy Ending

Danielle-Boyd HeadshotDanielle Boyd, a property manager at Wiseberry Heritage Real Estate, shares her experience about helping a client who found themself in a tough situation. 

“Working as a Property Manager we meet a lot of people, we help a lot of people, and we get handed some hard tasks. I was recently contacted by a lady at Catholic Care, asking if we had anything for lease for a lady who had been through a really rough time and needed accommodations. She didn’t have a rental history, and on paper, her application didn’t have a lot.”

“After a lengthy conversation with Catholic Care, I got the history behind this lady & I showed her the property the next day. Little did she know I had already spoken to the landlord and approved her on a three-month trial lease.”

“When showing her the property to see if she liked it and wanted to apply, I got to turn around to her and say “welcome home – this is yours” She burst into tears and wrapped her arms around me. She didn’t let go, she was so grateful. I worked my magic and had everything ready for her to move in the next morning,” said Boyd.


Language isn’t a after all Phil Mandel Headshot

Philip Mandel works for ASCEND Realty & Property Management, and has had his Florida real estate license for 9 years. Philip shares his experience about helping a client put a rickety home up for sale against all odds.

“My seller was the Dad of a wonderful Russian family, one or two of whom actually spoke English – just not the seller/Dad. Language barrier aside, this house was the fixer of fixers, terribly neglected, needed anything and everything either replaced or majorly fixed.”

“Ever cautious about cultural differences, I tip-toed my way through the transaction without insulting anyone about the home’s condition, put on my best negotiating hat, and was able to get them top dollar – and that meant a happy seller!”


Who else needs a pool table in the middle of their home?

Ashley-Baskin HeadshotAshley Baskin, a licensed real estate agent and advisor for Home Life Digest shares her favorite story about a client. Baskin shares his experience of how he helped a client sell their property despite having a pool table in the middle of the home.

“I had a client that was selling his four-bedroom home to downsize into the local 55+ community. When I went in to tour his home, I was confused – He had torn out the middle of the house to create one giant space – A space designated for a pool table.”

I had trouble finding a buyer – He was an older gentleman who did not understand why the open space made the home difficult to sell! He thought that everyone would want a pool table in their house. We finally sold the home, but his stubbornness on marketing with a pool table was something to remember!”


Would you rather sell an art collection or a home?latham-jenkins headshot

Latham Jenkins of Live Water Properties is thrilled to share his experience about a property he’s currently working on. It’s a home, and an art gallery rolled into one.  

“I’m currently working with a client whose art collection rivals the property in its grandeur. The property is a 65-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming called Cody Creek Sanctuary – it’s like a landscape painting in every direction – and the seller has an art collection that includes originals by Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, and so many more.”

“This home and all the art is surrounded by mountains, ponds, streams, fish, elk and eagles… it’s truly an embodiment of the modern pioneer lifestyle.,” Jenkins said.

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